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vi Coach Culture Regina

vi Coach Culture Regina Leeds, Jeannine Jacobsen, Zappos, Laura Berman Fortgang, Janice Flor, Alastair Robertson,, Don Kirkpatrick, Coach U, Danny Dalrymple, Marshall Goldsmith, Beyond Emancipation, GlaxoSmithKline, Blessingwhite, Tech CU, Alister Scott and Neil Scotton, William Oncken Jr and Donald L Wass, Brad Herbert and Sonia Strobel, Isikkent Schools and the ICF Internal Coaching community of practice. For my colleagues who helped me form our global internal coaching and training programs to support talent management efforts, that ultimately helped form chapters in this book: John Hardwick, Ray Mera, Brett Walker, and Steve Woolston. For encouragement, guidance and mentoring throughout my coaching career, as well as this book Cassi Christiansen and Pamela Richarde. Yay! For always believing I had a book in me: Diana Cauley and Ann Craig. For Mark Ruth and Abby Heverin at the ICF, your research and work with the ICF International Prism award and inspiring its winners provided ample examples of the breadth and depth of coaching application and its results. I am also grateful to the many coaches who have submitted their coaching stories as applicants for the Prism award, especially those cited in the book. Your striving and results have lifted the profession.

Acknowledgments vii For Jim DuPree, who took a big risk, and won even bigger, creating a legacy with our internal programs. I am forever grateful for your faith in me. For my editor Esbe van Heerden and the team at Non- Fiction, your guidance and wisdom made the whole process rewarding and enjoyable. Finally, for John, Cassandra and Sophie, you are precious—you have endured me with my unsolicited coach hat on more times than I can count, and your unwavering support from day one of this coaching journey through this endeavor was my rock. You are my favorites.