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AYE by Bobby Asghar : Chapters 1 - 2

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Aye leaves home Making

Aye leaves home Making toys was fun, and finishing them normally made Wang Xui Lan happy. But she didn’t know how she would take her mind off her worries once the little bear was ready. She loved her little girl so much that she cried for her as she finished packing the bear’s stuffing. She dressed the bear in a blue and white striped T-shirt, and a purple vest. Then it was time to add the finishing touches. She tied a red scarf around its neck, strapped a belt across its chest, slid on its eye patch, and wrapped a red bandana around its head, and her tears soaked into the little bear while she worked.

Now the little bear looked just like a pirate. Wang Xui Lan couldn’t have been more proud of her work. She was sure Zhang Li would love the little bear even more that she did. Just then there was a knock on the workshop door. It was Li Ming, which means ‘Bright’. He was a messenger from the hospital. When Wang Xui Lan saw who it was she was so scared that her face swept white. Then the messenger gave her the very best news. He said that Zhang Li was feeling much better, and that she was going to be okay. Wang Xui Lan was so relieved that she cried with joy. She ran to the workbench and hugged the little bear so tight that it’s fluffy ears pricked right up. Tears streamed down her face and soaked into Aye’s fur. Then she gave Aye the biggest kiss on the nose, set her down on the workbench, and ran all the way to the hospital.

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