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AYE by Bobby Asghar : Chapters 1 - 2

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Moments later, the bell

Moments later, the bell above the shop front door rang, and Zhang Tao, which means ‘Wave’, walked in. He was a travelling businessman, with a large, round belly. He wanted a new bear for his son, Wang Jie, which means ‘Hero’. But his son already had so many toys that Zhang Tao always had difficulty finding new ones for him. Zhang Tao looked around the shop. “Do you have anything else?” he asked. Wang Yan was worried that Zhang Tao would leave without buying anything. She knew that Wang Xui Lan needed money to pay the hospital bills. “If you could please wait just a moment longer, I will see if there is something new in the workshop,” Wang Yan said. Wang Yan returned holding Aye in her arms. “It’s a pirate bear,” Zhang Tao said. “Wang Jie doesn’t have a pirate bear. How much does it cost?” Wang Yan held Aye tight. She knew the little bear was important to Wang Xui Lan. She wasn’t sure what to do. “I can see that it’s a very special pirate bear. I will pay you well,” the businessman told her.

Eventually, Wang Yan handed the bear to the businessman. He’d made her an offer she couldn’t possibly refuse. She knew the bear was important to Wang Xui Lan, but she also knew that there were lots of hospital bills that needed to be paid. And now that Zhang Li was going to be okay, Wang Xui Lan could always make her another bear. “Her name is Aye,” Wang Yan said, showing him the name tag sewn to Aye’s hip. “We will take the very best care of her,” Zhang Tao said. He gave Wang Yan the money, then left the shop with Aye tucked under his arm.

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