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AYE by Bobby Asghar : Chapters 1 - 2

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Wang Xui Lan’s

Wang Xui Lan’s husband, Li Quang, which means ‘Strong’, had passed away the previous year. Now Wang Xui Lan was all alone, but for her five year old daughter. That’s who she was making the little bear for. Her name was Zhang Li, which means ‘Beautiful’, and her name couldn’t have been better chosen. But Zhang Li was very ill, and Wang Xui Lan was worried about her. Wang Yan, which means ‘Glamorous’, was Wang Xui Lan’s shop assistant. She looked after the shop at the front of the house, and did her best to help Wang Xui Lan as much as she could.

It meant Wang Xui Lan could stay hidden away in her workshop, where she could keep herself busy working on the little bear. She kept her long, black hair platted and bound, so it wouldn’t obscure her view as she worked, and she would spend day after day cutting and sewing soft velvety fabric for the little bear’s arms, legs, body, and head.

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