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Swiss Pens - Promotional Pens Catalogue

Our quality line 100%

Our quality line 100% Swiss Made Our aim is to provide writing instruments that show attention to quality and professionalism in all their components. For this reason, we offer writing instruments manufactured in Switzerland, where even legislation seeks increasingly and resolutely to ensure that a “Swiss-made” product is always synonymous with excellence. Safety All the raw materials involved in the inks manufacture were evaluated by Duke University from the toxicological point of view in conformance with ASTM D-4236 and California proposal 65. Premec and Prodir inks formulation are classified as not being toxic in compliance with US regulation. Reliability Experienced employees and innovative machinery enable us to have and maintain a high level of quality and precision, essential for a product which, considering its small size, becomes a perfect concentration of technology. Product quality is constantly monitored during the process through visual, technical, mechanical and automatic controls. Because enabling you to trust us makes us even stronger. We want to care about you. For us it is increasingly important to be able to respond to your requests promptly. That is why we have decided to offer the US market exclusively a selection of our pens that will be finished with a “Made in USA” print. To ensure fast service, without sacrificing the precision and quality that have always distinguished us. Shipping is always free, at our expense. 4

Know-How Premec and Prodir have been producing cuttingedge writing instruments for over 50 years, always with the primary aim of exploring new technologies. After more than half a century of experience, their determination to continue providing products with this precious know-how remains as strong as ever. Efficiency The integrated production of all components - at plants belonging to a single group - ensures concrete production efficiency and effective and accurate control of the entire production process. The writing instruments we offer have their origins in ideas that become reality thanks to every single member of the team. The research and development department, feasibility analyses and studies enable the design innovations that become the ideal ambassadors for your brands. Flexibility An infinite range of options, “Mix & match”, colors and finishes. Plus various printing techniques that put your logo on our pens differently every time and make it the star. Being flexible means offering all the possible alternatives to allow you to personalize our writing instruments and make them the perfect item to convey your brand. Design Passion, hard work, and excellent products have been rewarded over the years with a number of international awards that prove that design, innovation and attention to detail are essential values. 5