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What are the Different Types of Earth Moving Equipment

Earth moving equipment is machines and tools that are often used in construction, turf, and excavation work. Different types of jobs require different earth moving equipment. Unless a specific job type is being considered, it is difficult to consider anything to be standard. There are, however, some vehicles that can be considered common earth moving equipment.

One reason people use

One reason people use track-type vehicles is because they are more efficient than wheeled vehicles on certain types of terrain. Track-type vehicles are often used on unleveled ground, such as on an embankment, or on unstable ground, such as one covered with snow. A disadvantage is that tracks are more complex than wheels and often malfunction or get damaged. A bulldozer is another item that can come in a range of sizes. This vehicle has a tractor style body and also has the track-type undercarriage. There is normally some type of metal blade connected to the front of a bulldozer. This is used to push heavy loads that can include sand or refuse from a demolished structure. The blades are often switched to accommodate the job.

Dump trucks are earth moving equipment that allow for the transport and deposit of necessary materials at a job site. One of the most important features of the dump truck is that it is an efficient means of transportation. A dump truck can be driven for long distances at speeds that do not conflict with normal traffic or consume unnecessary amounts of time. The other important feature is that the loads that they carry can be deposited with minimal effort since the driver performs this task without having to leave the cab. A dumper is a vehicle that is also designed to carry loads. Usually the quantities carried are smaller. Dumpers are also not usually used for on-road transport. These 4-wheeled vehicles have a bin in the front. The driver is usually seated behind his load and when he is ready to deposit it, he tilts the bin to empty the contents.