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Selwyn Times: February 14, 2018


2 [Edition datE] 11 Your guide to Show Homes & New Sections in the Selwyn District Bathroom trends Larger bathrooms with room for more than just to bathe have been a recent trend in New Zealand while overseas, smaller practical albeit luxurious areas are now featuring. Master bedrooms with ensuites are now almost an essential inclusion when building and it is not unusual for a second bedroom to have its own ensuite. Overhead or his and hers shower heads are another trend proving popular. Walk-in showers have a strong following however people are still opting for shower cubicles with 1,200 and 1,000 square metre options preferred, and curved cubicles may be chosen where space is limited or for smoother lines. The uptake of black or dark vanities and baths has not been major with many people still preferring the standard white for its fresher look and due to it showing less splash marks and smears. The size of the home and number of occupants including their age range will influence the capaciousness of a bathroom. A design chosen from a building company or influenced by the designer might also be a factor as will personal preference. Physically assess the size of a bathroom on a plan, to determine if it suits your needs. Think about whether a wider little room might rob space from another part of the home like a bedroom and whether it makes more sense to shift a wall especially if space elsewhere is tight. Consider the placement of the main bathroom and toilet in terms of both living areas and the bedrooms they will service. Bathrooms and kitchens add expense to a build. The more bathrooms, the higher the cost though having a toilet with small washbasin may offer privacy from the family’s bedroom quarters or be convenient where you are working in the garage or outdoors and would rather not traipse dirt through the house. The other side of the coin is: the more bathrooms, the more cleaning. Wall hung soft close toilets are now popular and easy clean units that fit flush to the wall, a must. However, high tech versions which play music or include seat warmers, deodorisers and air dryers are taking their time to break into the New Zealand market. Storage places for towels and other personal care items are also something we are seeing. Elegance and luxury still feature in the modern bathroom, in the fittings and accessories. Free standing baths add to the illusion that this is a place to escape and feel pampered, a long soak helping you forget the troubles of the world. On a practical note, will there be room to easily clean around the bath? Carrying the tiling up the walls is now more common and certainly makes cleaning easier. We are also seeing more detail in the tiles with feature panels and uniquely shaped tiles incorporated to add a splash of colour or interest. Colour wise, earthy and monochromatic palettes are still in vogue. Take time to visit bathroom suppliers and showhomes to gather ideas for your new or renovated little rooms. Matt and Kim love spending time outdoors. So we designed them a home that maximises their indoor-outdoor flow. Start your own story 03 348 1994 |