8 months ago

Selecting the Best Rash Guard Shirt for the Sunny Weather

A rash guard shirt is very helpful because it protects you from the harmful rays of the sun and can also be used for water sports. Always buy only the best quality shirts. To learn more about the selection of rash guard shirts, visit our website.

Selecting the Best Rash Guard Shirt for the Sunny

Selecting Your Rash Guard Shirts Rash guard shirts, also commonly known as rashies, are those body-hugging lightweight sports shirts that come in different brilliant colours that you often see being worn by swimmers and surfers on the beach. They are made of very light durable quick drying materials – nylon, spandex, neoprene or polyester – capable of withstanding the impact of wind pressure, body contact with equipment or a jelly fish sting and can thus prevent skin rashes and irritations caused by abrasions. Protection versus UV Rays Rash guard shirts also generally have built-in protection features against the sun’s ultra violet radiation to prevent damage to the skin. Most rash guards carry UV protection rating of UPF +50 which keeps off 98% of the sun’s harmful radiation from reaching the skin. Even for Non-Water Sports Owing to their protective features versus damage to the skin, rash guard shirts have become popular not only in swimming and surfing but also in other water sports such as paddle boarding, snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, and even non-water sports such as baseball, football, golf, tennis, and gardening. Naturally, given people’s love for the beach and the sun, the outfits have become the favorite wear among all ages especially because of the excellent protection they get against the damaging rays of the sun. Special Stitch Method