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This verb “installed” indicates the very act of “settling” in order to abide, dwell: with this same meaning the verb recurs several times in other passages of the Old Testament, and here the verb expresses the very act of placing, settling, and then abiding on the mountain! It seems to see an aircraft landing with great visual and spectacular effects, actually: and view of kevód of Yahweh [was] like devouring fire on top of the mount This is what the Israelites did see from below: The kevód appeared as fire or as a cloud; and the Elohìm usually called Moses from the middle of this “cloud” in which Moses then entered. Therefore, this is a description of a concrete and evident physical event; a phenomenon taking place before everyone's eyes, and observable even from the valley below! Particularly impressive is the so-called “theophany” or “appearance of god” described in Chapter 19, when the Elohìm manifests on the mountain along with seemingly terrifying phenomena: Thunder, flashes of light, and a loud and prolonged sound similar to a trumpet. On that occasion, before the Israelites' terrified eyes, Mount Sinai (Exodus 19:18): 100

it smoked from all faces (because) Yahweh descended on it in fire These descriptions are too detailed to be interpreted as “visions” or memories of atmospheric phenomena (which nomads were certainly used to!); nor can it be interpreted as a naive desire to make up some form of appearance aimed at amazing the reader: religious literature has done much more in this sense. Here we are reading about extraordinary events witnessed by an entire group of people. This was a specific phenomenon, absolutely new to the ordinary experience of those people, consisting of images, sounds and situations that, if for a moment we get rid of prejudices and freely follow the current thinking and knowledge - are caused by the presence of “something” that manifested very powerfully. Indeed, the term kevód does identify this: what is heavy and strong. Today, kavéd (adjective) could be an airplane, a tank, a ship, an elephant...perhaps just the travelling machines used by the anunnaki/elohìms?! “Glorious” assumptions, and conclusions One of the most important Jewish scholars, Rashi of Troyes (tenth century AD). Commenting on the book of Genesis, he depicted a very realistic figure of the “Throne of Glory of Yahweh” when he said that in origin... 101

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