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it was suspended in the

it was suspended in the air and hovered over the face of the waters like a dove is suspended above its nest, and obeyed his command. This Jewish commentator also said that the “glory” was something external from God, an instrument God commanded and used to move (doesn't it seem to describe the control panel of a flying object ?...). Perhaps this realism was the reason why this passage was included among those which could/must be read and explained by a teacher only to those students deemed able to understand and accept them. We then would define it an initiatory or esoteric piece, reserved for a few. It must be said that this device still keeps its validity today: How many could peacefully accept the idea that God was in fact an ET that travelled on flying machines? How many would instinctively rebel against such an unacceptable claim? By contrast, the entire history of the traditional commentators - that stubbornly refuse this hypothesis – give accounts of the enormous difficulties in understanding and describing the “kevód“ in terms of spirituality and transcendence. Not knowing how to re-interpret this evidence, and not wanting to simply accept the evidence of a story, they have been forced to introduce complex concepts. Of the “Glory of God” they have said and have written that: it is like a multi-faceted diamond that refracts light in various ways and degrees; it is a difficult concept to be analyzed; it is a theological category; its many possible meanings help us to understand something of the mystery of God; it denotes the revelation of God's being, nature and presence; it is not an impersonal physical phenomenon separate from Him, but his personal manifestation to men; it is the manifestation of divine transcendence; it is the saving power of God; it is the revelation of how he wants to be known; 102

His glory is his right to rule by virtue of his being God; the glory of God descended on earth to enlighten the people darkened by the cloud of Satan; God's glory is something that transcends the short space of our stay on earth ... ... and so on! As you can see, when driven by prejudice and out of necessity, these scholars must give free rein to imagination, and use the issues that best respond to their own personal need to represent the divine. It seems to us much easier to think that whomever wrote the texts has transposed on paper the story of real physical phenomena, repeatedly witnessed by hundreds, or thousands of people; and then handed down over time, at least in its substantial aspects, albeit with all variations that oral transmission inevitably produces. 103

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