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Esau soon discovers the

Esau soon discovers the deception and returning from the hunt, goes to his father in order to receive the long-lasting blessing. When Isaac realizes he has been duped and has given his blessing to the wrong son, he despairs - “he trembles violently” - and absolves Esau. Now it is obvious to consider that if this had been a spiritual blessing, Isaac had no reason to despair because that kind of blessing is always available to anyone, and without limitation. Therefore, it is clear that things were different. Esau, then, asks a question that sounds incomprehensible to those who believe in the spiritual nature of the blessing (Gen 27:36): And he said: may it be that you have not put aside some blessing for me? And so we wonder: How do you put aside a blessing?! How do you keep a little blessing for someone?! Esau asked these questions because he knew that the blessing was actually available in limited quantities. Indeed, Isaac clearly says to Esau: 124

Your brother has come with a trick and has gotten your blessing And so the poor father confirms to have given to his deceiver son everything he owned: power, honor, land, wheat, grapes, servants... Very Brief Conclusion The biblical blessing is made of material goods and therefore has a welldefined “substance”. Once given to someone, it is no longer available for others. It was so since the beginning of the story of the people of Israel, who, only after having lost contact with the Elohìms, developed a concept of “blessing” with quite a different meaning, from a “donation of material goods” to “the transmission of spiritual benefits”. In other words, we have two completely different meanings for “blessing”! Here is a further confirmation, albeit indirect, to what we have suggested, taken from the aforementioned text of Archbishop Ravasi. When he defines “Blessing”, gives the traditional spiritual meaning, of course, but also highlights a very interesting element. The prelate writes: the Hebrew root that denotes the blessing (brk) curiously refers to the knee and not much to suggest a bowing of the blessed one, but rather to express the blessing of a person's sexuality 125

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