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daring step, and read

daring step, and read about what prophets have “seen” with their own eyes: Those who would speak on behalf of Yahweh, have a special relationship with him and know details and events that were denied to others. By way of introduction, we have to acknowledge that in the Jewish Scriptures - like in other sacred texts of the entire religious history of man - there are many descriptions of flying objects; precise descriptions, obviously written using the knowledge of the periods in which the texts were edited. An easily accessible example is that of the Native Americans who - not knowing about any kind of mechanical device – used the phrase “horses of steel” to define the early trains; they used their conceptual and linguistic paradigms to describe what they saw: a means of transport made of metal. The Middle Eastern Semitic world was made of populations living in agropastoral areas where there was a mix of seasonal nomadism and a semisedentary attitude; these were peoples who did not have a specific terminology able to efficiently represent phenomena that was clearly out of the ordinary. Therefore, to describe what was other than the normal experience, they needed to use expressions pertaining to the everyday language. Accordingly, things and events regarding flight were inevitably described using the terminology inherent to the world of “birds”, and things that ran quickly through the air could only be described as a form of “wind” (ruàch: a term whose meaning has developed the value of “spirit”!). That which issued some form of visible energy was defined “ardent or fiery”; the sudden flashes or light reflections necessarily were “lightning”; each roar, rumble or noise generated by any means was identified with “thunder” or the sound produced by a large mass of water; any observational instrument, possibly round-shaped, became an “eye”, and so on... Free thinkers must therefore set out to read the following passages in this spirit and relying on this premise, as obvious and useful in order to understand without being influenced by prejudices. The American astronomer Morris Jessup and Soviet scientist Matest Agrest were among the first to argue that the Scriptures contained episodes related to alien entities moving on unidentified flying objects (UFOs, precisely). This fact has been officially and explicitly accepted by representatives of the 128

Roman Church, as it is extensively documented in the paragraph entitled “Church and the Aliens” which we will read later on. In addition to what has already been seen in previous pages, we can include the following various episodes which can be inserted in the hypothesis under consideration: The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah recalls quite clearly a nuclear explosion described by an observer of the time; the great energy produced by the explosion would have hit Lot's wife, turning her into a pillar of salt (cf. Gen 19:26). It should be pointed out, however, that the traditional translation may not be correct, since the term melàch, which is usually translated with “salt” derives from the consonant root of the verb mlch that indicates precisely the act of “dissolving”!So the verse could mean, much more realistically, that Lot's wife was literally “dissolved” because she was hit by the strong destructive heat generated by the event. The patriarch Enoch is taken away by the Elohìms (cf. Gen chap. 5). In the apocryphal books of Enoch, the narrative is more accurate: he is brought into space by flying cars and meets astronaut “angels”, which show him the Earth from above, and some other “white” beings similar to men. We have already mentioned the strange way in which the two “angels” who were the guests of Lot, defend themselves from the assault of the inhabitants of Sodom, by blinding them. We have discussed the column of smoke and fire that by day is cloudshaped and leads Moses and the Jews along their Exodus through the Sinai desert. What are the objects described as “a smoking furnace and the flaming torch” that Abraham sees flying at night (cf. Gen 15:17)? And what does the prophet Isaiah try to tell us in the various passages of his book that, directly or not, refer to the phenomena of the kind suggested here, such as a “cloud and smoke by day, and the shining of a flaming fire by night” (cf. Isa 2:2, 2:19, 4:5-6, 6:1-6, 8:8, 13:5, 14:12, 1429-31, 19:1, 29:6, 30:6, 30:30-33, 31:4, 60:1-3, 64:1-3, 66:1, 66:15) 66,15)? And what does Jeremiah refer to when he says “Behold, he shall come 129

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