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And above the heads of

And above the heads of the living creatures, right on their heads from up above, was a vault (dome) shaped like an eye of the ice, that being was awesome. It is not difficult to consider the transparent domes above the living creatures' heads as “helmets,” which in fact would make the creatures “pilots”. Verses 23 and 24 finally show the position of the wings and the noise produced by the movement: «and under the vault [dome] their wings were stretched out one toward its sister»; «and each had two wings covering its body»; «I heard the sound [voice, roar] of their wings, like the roar [voice, sound] of rushing waters»; «like the voice [roar, sound] of Sciaddài [term that indicated the Elohìm's power] in [when] they moved»; «sound [voice, noise] of tumult as the sound [voice, noise] of an army»; «in [when] they stood still, they dropped [lowered] their wings». Essentially, Ezekiel tells us that when they raised up, or flew, the wings were spread and their movement produced a loud noise, and when they stood still, the wings lowered! We do not consider necessary any additional comments on these verses; they 136

are self-explanatory. Immediately after, something happens that strikes the prophet (Ezek. 1:25-27): «and it was sound [voice, roar] from up the vault [dome] that on their heads»; «and from above the vault [dome] that over their head like apparition of sapphire stone»; «shape [guise] of throne»; «and above form [guise] of throne form [guise] as appearance of adàm on it from up above it.». In short, from above the domes that was over the heads of the living creatures, rises a chair-shaped structure (throne) onto which a creature which looked like man was seated. The prophet then goes on describing all details, and confesses to see something that had already struck him previously: «he looked like a sparkle eye [electro, amber]»; «as if resemblance of fire»; «house around him [it surrounded him]»; «from image [semblance] of its waist and above»; «image [semblance] of its waist and below»; «I saw like image [appearance] of fire and brilliant light surrounded him». This creature “likewise a man” sitting at the controls, therefore, issued a special light, perhaps recalling the color of the amber or the electro: a golden light, then, with bright shadings particularly evident in the lower part. The chapter ends with a statement that refers to the chapter dedicated to the kevód, namely, the “Glory of God”. Ezekiel says (1:28): “like the image [resemblance] of the bow that is in the clouds on rainy days, so [was] the [appearance] of radiance around him...” 137

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