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It had the same image,

It had the same image, semblance of Yahweh's kevód. At this point we reckon it is no longer possible to translate the term kevód with “Glory” because what is described here only confirms that before Ezekiel – as before Moses – there was something “big, powerful and noisy” just as we found out in the chapter about the Glory of God. Here, Ezekiel, just like Moses, describes in detail all the elements that define what he has doubtlessly seen that was “great and powerful”. The kevód Takes Off... This prophet's book gives us further confirmation. After a detailed description of the machine, Ezekiel gives account of what the bright being with the image of Adàm tells him while seating on the “throne” (we would say at the “control bridge”). After the interview, the prophet (Ezek 3:12-14): «I heard behind me the sound [voice, noise] of loud rumbling»; «and sound [voice, noise] of the wings of the living creatures brushing against one another»; «and sound [voice, noise] of the wheels beside them»; «and sound [voice, noise] , like a loud rumbling»; 138

«and the wind lifted me up and bore me away.». Listening to Ezekiel, it seems here to hear the different sound produced by flight instruments (wings, propellers) and the car wheels moving on the ground. We also sense the “loud rumbling“ we have heard every time we are on a runway during an airplane takeoff (or when we have watched a television programme on the early departures of NASA's space shuttles). ...And Lands In the Sanctuary of Jerusalem Chapters 33 to 48 contain the final message of salvation for a people who are in exile: there will be a new Temple, and a new cult led by a priesthood also renovated. In chapter 43 Ezekiel says that the Elohìm leads him on a high mountain hence he shows the Temple, then puts him before the door facing east and here (Ezek 43:2): 139

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