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Ask what I will do for

Ask what I will do for you before I will be taken from you Elisha asks for a double portion (portion, two thirds) of the spirit of the master can be put in him, and he is answered that this will be possible if he will be able to see it while “he is being taken”. Verse 11 tells of the arrival of the celestial chariot. While the two are walking and talking: And here is the chariot of fire and horses of fire that divided the two of them So a fiery chariot pulled by “horses of fire” (remember the Native Americans' “horses of steel?”) interposes between the two who are walking and... 144

And Elijah went up to the sky in (with) the whirl The episode is therefore clear: Elijah ascended to the sky in a chariot, and this removal was expected and well-known by all the disciples who were in the area among Beth-El, Jericho and the Jordan River. Whether this is a real physical elevation is then confirmed by the following verses - which are not normally given the importance that they actually have in helping us to understand what really happened. They tell exactly what Elisha did and above all what his followers thought to do. First, Elisha: «Watching [...] no longer saw him»; «he grabbed his clothes and tore them in two (2 Kings 2:12)»; «he picked up the mantle that fell from Elijah»; «he got back»; «he stopped at the Jordan.». The disciples, who had previously kept away from the scene, see him coming, run over to him and tell him they want to go and look for Elijah because (2:16): 145

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