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I am seeing a flying

I am seeing a flying roll The term meghillàh indicates a scroll, a rolled papyrus book, in short, any cylindrical object, and so the scene is clear: the prophet is wide awake, raises his eyes and sees a flying cylinder; he has no doubt, to the point of confirming it to the malàkh who asks the question. The object then is so concrete and real that Zachary even specifies its size: Its length was in within the twenty cubits and its width was in within the ten cubits The cubit had a length of about 50 centimeters, or 18 inches, so we have a “flying cylinder” approximately 30 feet long and 15 feet wide! Then Zachariah is invited once again to raise his eyes to look at what is approaching (Zech 5:6), but this time he asks the angel (malàkh) the same question, and the latter replies that it is a “taking-off efàh” (H `SA lAbJS). The efàh was the unit of measurement for grain and corresponded to about 40 liters of flouror roughly the size of one bushel. At this point in the story, one wonders what 150

exactly was this object of apparent daily usage, that could actually be coming out with an autonomous movement. Verse 7 makes the whole thing clear: Here is coming a ring (disc) of lead raising in the sky and this only woman sitting inside the efàh The malàkh then closes the disc of lead and the scene is further enriched by the arrival of two more female creatures. In order to see them Zechariah has to look up once more (Zech 5:9): and there was wind on their wings 151

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