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So, these two flying

So, these two flying women... They rose the efàh in-between the earth and the sky So, after the flying cylinder, Zechariah sees box or container with a lead disc cover (trap?) that opens and shows a woman sitting inside; he then sees two more women arrive flying, and they raise in the air this unidentified “object”. At this point, the prophet asks where they are taking him and the malàkh answers (Zech 5.11): 152

To build for her a house in the land of Scinàr and over there it will be prepared its place This unidentified object, holding a woman, arrives flying, is lifted by two flying female beings, and is taken to the land of Scinàr, where it will be land - be left - on a platform that has been prepared in the meantime. Do we have doubts whether to call it a UFO, or Unidentified Flying Object in its precise meaning? Another curiosity is that Scinàr is the term used in the Old Testament to identify the land of Sumer. We therefore have a direct relationship of these objects and flying beings with the land that saw them come first, that hosted them and from where they later moved: the country of Guardians, flying “gods”, the ANUNNAKI, those who descended from heaven to Earth. A very remarkable coincidence among flying machines, the beings who guide them and the land from where they came! The flying chariots Then, Zechariah speaks of having to look above and thus witnesses a further extraordinary event (Zech 6:1 et seq.): 153

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