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Exactly! The Elohìms

Exactly! The Elohìms – even the Elohìms – are destined, sooner or later, to die! They say it themselves. Who chairs the assembly says this to remind them that even if they are Elohìms, or Lords from above, they do not have any special right or extraordinary privilege. Certainly, they are masters, those in power, the guardians. Once again, we remember the words from Sumer, “land of the guardians” and Neteru, the “guardians” of the early Egypt. It is important to note that this status does not make them substantially different from their creatures; they must not forget that they too are mortal and fleeting, just like the representative of the world that they themselves have set up! Then, with no alternative interpretations, or fanciful assumptions, very simply and clearly: the Elohìms die like all ADÀMS! It comes as no surprise to anyone who speculates that ANUNNAKI/ELOHÌMS could have a long life – incredibly long compared to Earthy cycles; for it was measured on NIBIRU's orbital cycles - but that, as people made of flesh and blood, they too were meant to die. It is simply astonishing that the Bible itself says so! At this point, we should recognize, with no more doubts that THE OLD TESTAMENT SAYS THAT GOD DIES like ALL other men! 160

10 Inspired by God or by Thoth? We have addressed the issue of the origin of religion as the possible result of historical events, real experiences, and concrete and tangible relationships with some “gods”. Keeping the hypothesis validated in the previous chapters, we now look at the development of the religious thought when “gods” did not “walk with men anymore”. When direct contact ceased, mankind likely felt abandoned and overwhelmed by anxiety and despair arising from God's evident remoteness. So, men (Adàms) felt the need to replace their gods' physical absence with a new presence, though, of course, they had to create it anew, and certainly, it was not an easy task! In this regard, we will examine in particular the possible origin of the most mystic Christian text: The Gospel of John. Before deepening into this subject, which will lead us to formulate an answer to the question, “Inspired by God or by Thoth?” let's analyze some helpful issues for a correct understanding of the process that, most probably, led to the birth of the Western religious thought. The Church and the Aliens What does the Catholic Church say in relation to the existence of extraterrestrials and the fact that the Bible talks about them? Not everyone knows that nowadays the Church has admitted as obvious the existence of extraterrestrials. Monsignor Corrado Balducci - Vatican spokesman for the extraterrestrials issue - claimed that they do exist and that the Bible editors undoubtedly knew about them. 161

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