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quotation from Isaiah's

quotation from Isaiah's prophecy that in this respect is worthy of being paid attention. In Chapter 6 of his book, the prophet tells of his prophetic vocation occurring in the presence of God who was seated on a high throne, covered with a coat whose edges covered the temple that was filled with smoke, while six-winged Seraphims were above him screaming “Holy, holy, holy, Yahweh Tsevaòt...». Isaiah offers his availability to God, who tells him (Isaiah 6:9-13): Go and say to this people: “Keep listening, but do not comprehend; keep looking, but do not understand. Grease [cover with grease] the heart of this people, and its ears weigh down [make dull] [...] and in his heart [do not] comprehend and turn [convert] and heal to [for] him. This very severe statement gives a certainty: very few people are able to receive the Word (Logos) and theirs will be a holy progeny. The same message is also recorded in two other books: Mark, in Chapter 4:10- 12, and Luke in Chapter 8:10. In conclusion In several writings we find parallels between the so-called “revealed” books and the works of the period thinkers, marked by the examination and controlled disclosure of the esoteric doctrines. Still in the figure of Christ, and in the entire history of the origin of the Jewish people's monotheism, there are elements that contribute to doubting about the supposed “divine revelation” of the so-called Holy Books. However, the task of this book is not to make a detailed analysis of the relationship between this religion and the thought which constitutes the original (esoteric) nucleus of all great religions. Here we want to understand if our doubts do have concrete foundations, to analyze those coincidences, which are sometimes strange and sometimes enlightening, to highlight all the incongruities that have compelled us to ask: Is it possible that the Bible, as a whole, has been truly inspired by God, the One God? 176

Thoth and the Judeo-Christian Thought We now analyze the figure of Thoth and some other curious parallels between the wisdom he passed on and the origins of Jewish and Christian religions. According to Egyptians, this God knew all mysteries and wisdom and could dispense them to a few initiates he would choose; he himself wrote this secret knowledge in 36,535 rolls, hidden underground for the benefit of future generations. Thoth was also often depicted in the Hall of Judgement in the act of judging the souls that appeared before him after death. This God, then, was legislator and judge and, accordingly, in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, there is a formula that all souls had to speak before him in the Last Judgement. In that decisive moment the dead's souls, besides other things, had to say: I have not despised God, I have not killed, I have not committed fornication, I have not robbed [...] I have not violated someone else's woman, I have not cursed, I have not borne false witness... How can we fail to immediately grasp the almost literal correspondence between this confession and some of the commandments which God gave Moses on the Mount Sinai? We of course are yet remembering that the Egyptian Book of the Dead is about 2,000 years older than the Bible! Coincidences become even more amazing, if we consider that, while the Old Testament tells us that Moses' Tablets of the Law were written by God on a stone (cf. Dt 5:7-22); in the Book of the Dead we read that “this chapter was found on a brick placed under Thoth's feet, and was written by this God himself.” In the same Egyptian work there is another really disconcerting expression for its affinity with one of the central elements of Christianity, the Eucharist. Indeed, Chapter 102 reads: “To have eternal life, communicate with my consecrated bread...” and later on: “Drink my wine [...] its plants sprout over Osiris' body”. In this regard, it is interesting to note that Osiris and Thoth were often identified in Egyptian religion, and that Osiris is the God who is killed, resurrects and then from his body makes wheat and new life rises. 177

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