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arose from the certainty

arose from the certainty of the imminent coming of the kingdom of God. Over the years and in John's preaching, memories crystallize on those events that have marked the milestones of a journey that began with the baptism in the Jordan and finished on the Golgotha: certain events are called to mind and reviewed in the light of what a religious spirit needs absolutely to believe. Speeches take on a new and perhaps deeper meaning, are enriched with content that develops through time. New thinking along with comparisons and contributions from other doctrines seem to facilitate the understanding of what sometimes seems pointless. Jesus could not die a second time, and could not disappear with the death of the last witness of his life! What real chances had they to communicate this message to the educated classes, the initiates, and the connoisseurs of the mystery doctrines; a message that came from an obscure nation under the Romans, preached by an even more obscure inhabitant of a little village, virtually unknown to Israel itself? What opportunities did this Good Novel have to be heard and accepted by people accustomed to other doctrines? Hence the need arose to make the preaching of this Hebrew carpenter who had no title for speaking to humanity. Hence, the need to tie Jesus to the ancient and mysterious tradition of major initiates. Hence, the decision to feature him within those categories that might credit him and make him acceptable. 26 See “Il Tempo” of January 19th, 2003. 27 we specify that the literal translation of Psalm 23, verse 1, reads: "To Jawhèh [is due] **** the Earth and the filling, world [universe] and people on it" (NDT). 28 See Appendix 3, p. 210. 29 Literal translation of the author. 30 in this regard you can see also the previous book: Resurrection Reincarnation - consolatory fables or reality? 180

31 Literal translation of the author. 32 See Appendix 2, p. 203. 33 See Appendix 2, p. 203. 34 For this theme we need, once again, to recall our book Resurrection Reincarnation... Cit. 35 Literal translation of the author. 181

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