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Appendix 1 History Here follows a free and independent reconstruction of a hypothetical sequence of events resulting from the integration on the official histories with information and data contained in the texts of the authors listed in the bibliography: contradictions or inconsistencies can occur here and there, since scholars don't always agree. Much of the information is obviously not supported by historically proven evidence or documentation, therefore the reconstruction must be considered as a pure example of how history would have been if this book's assumptions revealed it to be true. 4 billion years ago The clash of Nibiru (large outer planet drawn by Sumerians on their boards) with Tiamat (Earth): it gave birth to both the Earth, as we know it today, and the asteroid belt. Nibiru is captured in a solar orbit and transmits to the Earth the “seed of life”. 14 to 2 million years ago Isolation of the branch that from apes will lead to the human species. The first features of hominids appears: the genetic traits that distinguish gorillas and chimps from men detach. Homo habilis appears. 1.5 million years ago Homo erectus: the first true hominid using stone tools; through Sinai, he emigrates from Africa to Southeast Asia and Southern Europe. 600-100 thousand years ago Lower Palaeolithic. 187

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