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450,000 years ago Fifty

450,000 years ago Fifty ANUNNAKI descend on Earth from Nibiru led by ENKI. They splash down in the Arabian Gulf, where they make their first allocation, ERIDU, the “home of the far world”. 430-400 thousand years ago ENLIL arrives on Earth and founds Nippur: where he establishes the control centre in Nippur. The number of Anunnaki rises to 600. 400-360 thousand years ago The biblical Nephilìms found Bad-Tibira as a centre for the fusion of metal. 300,000 years ago The ANUNNAKI who work in South African mines rebel and demand to be replaced in the extraction work. Possible ruins of minings in South Africa. The first experiments in genetic engineering take place, starting from Homo erectus (?), in order to create a species of “primitive workers”. 300-250 thousand years ago There is (??) a second phase of genetic manipulation by which the Anunnakis furnish humans with the ability to procreate by themselves (the “knowledge”), but they are not given the longevity gene (immortality). 230-180 thousand years ago Neanderthal man is born: tools and physical features are still very similar to those used by Australopithecus 2 million years earlier. Homo erectus becomes sapiens. Adam and Eve may have been “created” around 180,000 years ago or, in this period, they have moved to Eden and here received the genetic ability to procreate, thanks to enki the snake-God. 150,000 years ago Enos son of Seth (Adam and Eve's third son) was born and “they begin to invoke the name of the Lord”. And men started moving to Middle East Asia 188

(Mesopotamia). 137-133 thousand years ago Geneticists attribute this period to the appearance of the mitochondrial Eve: a female that, since then, has always and anyhow had at least one female child through which her mitochondrial heritage has perpetuated. 115-80 thousand years ago Middle Palaeolithic. In the Bible we read about Tubalcain, of antediluvian lineage, who “forged tools of copper and iron”. The farmer Cain kills his brother Abel, a shepherd; Cain's descendants become the creators of civilization (cities, metalworking...). The “sons of God” walk on the Earth and join with human females thus generating the biblical Nephilìm; in this period individuals created by gods live very long. Traces of human settlements in Swaziland and Zululand. Traces of mining areas in South Africa. A direct evolution of Homo sapiens is Cro-Magnon (Sapiens sapiens): Neanderthals emigrate (expulsion of Cain?). Sapiens sapiens is the man we know as “civilized”: was it then that “they began to invoke the name of God”? (Gen 4:26) 70,000 years ago Noah was born. There is the Ice Age. 60,000 years ago Traces of mining areas in South Africa. The discovery of a Neanderthal's hyoid bone (from Mount Caramel, Israel) reveals that he could articulate words. 50-10 thousand years ago Upper Palaeolithic. The period is characterized by the last Ice Age (Wurm) and the differentiation of the major races: Negroids, Mongoloids, Europoids and Australoids. 49,000 years ago 189

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