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sovereigns of the four

sovereigns of the four cardinal points allow the pharaohs to make the journey through light and thus reach the divine fathers on the four corners of heaven” and the “Boat of millions of years, used by the men of the stars to navigate through the constellations and, following the heaven route, to reach the Earth”... 1450 BC The city of Crete is suddenly destroyed. Therefore the Philistines had to migrate, as described in the Bible. The Hyksos arrive in Egypt. 1447 BC According to the “alternative histories” under Pharaoh Dudimose occurs the exodus of the Jews. Moses meets his God who was already worshipped by the Midianites, whose head was his father-in-law. The Midianites were descendants of Abraham and, unlike the Jews who moving to Egypt have lost touch with their religious tradition, they have maintained continuity in the relationship with their primordial gods, who were also the gods of antediluvian patriarchs and so the fathers' gods (the first Elohìm). 1433 BC Probable year of the Jews exodus from Egypt: Yahweh guides them. 1393-1391 BC In one of these two years in the Americas they have recorded a day when “there was no sunrise in the Andes, there was no dawn for 24 hours”. On the other side, the Bible (cf. Joshua 10, 12-13 and 11) says that the sun “stood still for a whole day” to allow the Israelites to defeat the Amorites. So, on one side of the world we have a “longer day” while on the other side, there is a “longer night”... 1386 BC According to traditional histories we are in the period of Pharaoh Amenhotep 202

III, and an inscription tells about the town of the Shushu of Yhw, the “people of Yahweh”. The writing refers to the people of Yahweh contained in the song of Deborah (cf. Judges 5). 1375-1047 BC Assyrian Middle Kingdom. 1352 BC The monotheist Akhenaten becomes pharaoh. According to new histories this event occured in 1022 and his reign was coeval with that of the biblical King David. 1300-1200 BC Dorians invade Greece while Israelites invade Canaan. It is interesting to note that Greek gods did not come from heaven, but from well-defined Middle East regions. 1286 BC Pharaoh Ramses II was defeated by Hittites at Kadesh (Lebanon), despite the presence of god Amon-Ra who appears beside him and “personally” helps him to flee. Babylon's weakness encourages the rise of the Assyrians who, in 1250, establish their capital in Nimrud, under Shalmaneser I. 1279 BC According to traditional history Ramses II becomes pharaoh. 1209 BC To this year is attributed the “stele of victory” on which Pharaoh Merenptah writes his conquest over a territory whose inhabitants “were Israelites” (so says the Egyptian inscription). 1200 BC Mayan civilization appears. Some date back to this period the Jews exodus 203

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