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from Egypt. According to

from Egypt. According to the new histories, however, the exodus took place about two centuries earlier whereas now Israel is going through the so-called “period of Judges”. This is the century when the Babylonian poem of creation is composed, the Enuma elish, written on six tablets that corresponds to the six days of creation described in Genesis. 1137 BC Nebuchadnezzar I is reigning in Babylon. 1112-1074 BC Tiglath-Pileser I consolidates the Assyrian kingdom's power. 1022 BC According to new histories, Saul and David lived in this period. 1000 BC According to a new chronological hypothesis, shortly before 1000 a monotheistic cult worshipping Aten catches on in Egypt (the previous hypothesis dated it to the thirteenth century): Amenhotep IV changed his name in Akhenaten. David conquers Jerusalem during this pharaoh's last year of reign (Jerusalem was occupied by the Jebusites). The conquest suggests a direct relationship between David and Yahweh that was communicated through the Ark, though to use it David must wear the ephod (??). Solomon builds the temple with the sancta sanctorum: the place where the Ark of the Covenant had to be guarded. 948 BC According to new history, Solomon reigns over Israel. 933 BC Israel is living under the monarchy of two kingdoms (Judah and Israel). 883-612 BC 204

Assyrian Neo-kingdom: Assurbanipal II starts its major expansion. 880-850 BC Prophet Elijah challenges the priests of Baal on Mount Carmel: Elijah's God sends fire from the sky that “consumes the holocaust, wood, stone and dust and drains water from the ditch”: water was used to wet the whole burnt offering and make more evident the power of the “fire” created by God (1 Kings 18, 25-40). 776 BC In Greece they organize the first Olympic Games where athletes had to participate naked: must this have been dictated by the necessity to be sure they were only human beings in order to guarantee fair play…? The historical notations from that point on do not record any further the presence of superhuman beings. 745-727 BC The Assyrian Tiglath-Pileser III is reigning, followed by Shalmaneser V, Sargon II, Sennacherib, Aaharaddon and Ashurbanipal (the Greek Sardanapalus). The great library of Nineveh is founded. Some inscriptions of this century assign to Yahweh a partner called Ashera (the name recalls Ashtaroth, Ishtar, Ashtart, INANNA...). 689 BC The Assyrian Sennacherib tries to attack Jerusalem, but his army is wiped out by an intervention of God 668-626 BC Ashurbanipal reigns over Assyria. 639 BC The Assyrian empire falls, devastated by internal rebellions led by Babylon: the architects of the new Babylonian kingdom are Nabopolassar and 205

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