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as to wipe out entire cities as Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen. 13-19)! After these events, the leadership was transferred, men were given the knowledge necessary to go ahead alone, the purpose justifying their presence was achieved, and “gods” abandoned the Earth. And ever since then, over the centuries and in absence of direct contact, men began to develop a spiritual vision of divinity, and to make assumptions about when the reunion between creature and creator would occur again. In fact, NIBIRU returns every 3600 years, its elliptical orbit making it cross with our Solar System; this would actually make it a planet of our system. It would also be returning towards Earth, as it has repeatedly done in the past: after having reached in 1000 AD the farthest point from the Sun, Nibiru today would have already travelled more than half the journey back in its approach toward the inner planets, including the Earth... The Sumerians The Sumerian culture suddenly appeared around 3800 BCE with an almostformed culture, and complete with scientific, astronomical, mathematical and linguistic skills! We can certainly assert that they knew the heliocentric system (the same as the one “discovered” thousands of years later by Galileo...), Earth's motion and size, the moon's distance, and stars' almost infinite distance; they knew about comets and predicted eclipses, being aware of their causes. They also knew about the very complex , 26,000 year cycle of the the “precession of equinoxes”, a phenomenon which if predicted correctly, requires calculations to be made based on very detailed observations covering several centuries. The precession of equinoxes This expression indicates the celestial phenomenon caused by the 30

oscillation or wobble of the Earth axis making a circular motion similar to that of a slowly-spinning top. This oscillation results in an apparent demotion of the constellations in the celestial sphere. It happens because the imaginary line joining the ecliptic of spring and autumn equinoxes moves one degree approximately every 71 years. Each of the twelve signs of the zodiac that form the entire 360° sky arc, covered a period of 2,160 years, corresponding to what astrology labeled as “Ages”: Age of Aries, Age of Taurus, and so on. The complete cycle of 360° thus requires a little less than 26,000 years (2160 x 12). Hence, it would have been impossible to observe and calculate. Regardless, this long period, called the “Great Year”, was known by many civilizations in various parts of the world such as the Indus Valley, Egypt, Central America; and still today scholars wonder how a nomadic people of herders and farmers were able to calculate its duration! Might it have been of any use to ANUNNAKI “gods” to calculate the orbital timing of their home planet, and to plan their space travels that were inevitably very long? Perhaps, the answer to many mysteries resides in accepting this possibility... The fact is, along with possessing some very advanced knowledge, the Sumerians seem to have suddenly appeared from out of nowhere. It should be stated here that other civilizations such as the city of Jericho, the culture of Tell Ghassul, the Turkish Catal Huyuk, for example, had also been centers of culture and civilization for a long time (word order!), but this alone does not invalidate our theory, as they also could have been founded by ANUNNAKI. Sumerians invented writing, were experts in mathematics and astronomy, and conceived the earliest forms of parliamentary government. They also had the earliest schools, laws and advanced social norms, many of which became part of the legislation system of the Old Testament people. These included, protection for the weak, widowed and orphaned. They adopted a brick firing system used to build Ziggurats, namely multi-floor 31

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