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So far, Sumerian epics

So far, Sumerian epics were considered to have no historical confirmation and were assumed to be only a projection into the past of socio-political realities current in the Third Dynasty of Ur (2150 BC) [...] the quotation [...] compels us to review all our models of society and management of power… He also says that there has long been a habit of considering sizeable buildings to be places of worship and that theoretical constructs have been articulated on the basis of this misinterpretation. These have now proved groundless, reviewed in the light of new discoveries and new knowledge. A brief concluding observation... The assumptions we made are certainly fascinating, but above all they are supported by correspondences in texts that were considered beyond any suspicion, like the Old Testament which was inspired directly by God. There are many supporters and also many detractors of this reconstruction of humanity's origin, and they are mainly located in the Catholic Church, the organization that stands to lose the most if it was confirmed that the Bible has little to do with religious doctrine it is supposedly based on. We will later see how the Church is forced to admit that the Bible editors knew of these people, but first we want to unveil here some additional information: Voyager I and II, the two probes NASA launched into the infinity of the space, besides containing images and sounds from the Earth, also includes a record on which greetings are spoken in 55 languages; and the first greeting was recorded in Sumerian! ...and methodological statement In the following chapters – according to that “free thinking” to which the Bible pertains – we will deal with the issue of analyzing the Old Testament in its literal translation. Therefore, you will read the Hebrew text of a first series of passages from the 36

Bible, and then its translation word by word, graphically representing the correspondence between terms. We will thus find out what they do not want to tell us. 37

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