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Picture 3 reproduction

Picture 3 reproduction of a detail of the Akkadian Seal VA243 kept at the StateMuseum of Berlin, representing the Sun with 11 celestial bodies: the 9 known planets,plus the Moon and...Nibiru? 2 The texts of the Sumerianist Zecharia Sitchin (born in Baku, Azerbaijan, in 1922 and later moved to Palestine, where he learned modern and ancient Hebrew and other Semitic and European languages) included in the Bibliography, which constitute the primary source for what is following about Sumerians and their stories: a number of books part of a publishing project started in 1976 and called “The Earth Chronicles”. 3 See Appendix 2, pag. 203. 4 In Chapter 2 we will see how this event is also extraordinarily reported in the story of Creation in the book of Genesis: this text is the source of all information we have gathered, because it is particularly useful to go deeper into our understanding of the Sumerian tale. 5 See Appendix 2, pag. 203. 38

6 See Appendix 2, pag. 203. 7 See Appendix 2, pag. 203. 8 See the Bibliography. 9 Pettinato G.,Mitologia sumerica, UTET, Turin 2001 (see also Bibliography). 39

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