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2 (reshít-be) Genesis:

2 (reshít-be) Genesis: “In the beginning...” Throughout the centuries various - Christian, Catholic or Protestant - Churches have created a manipulation of texts aimed at spreading beliefs which find no correspondence in the books they are spuriously based on. If the Bible is read in its literal meaning, it cannot be used as a foundation to build a religion. In the first chapter we have assumed the creation of one or more ADÁMS ( ), and this information emerges from Sumerians' stories, at least in those interpretations which have been spreading throughout the world for the last decades. This was an operation of genetic engineering conducted by the ANUNNAKI to improve a species of primates existing on Earth and turn it into a race of workers to be employed in the most demanding tasks. Now we look in detail at the Sumerian story of man's creation. The writings of the generally accepted academic scholars often coincide with the theories of the so-called 'alternative' authors. Here we will paraphrase Giovanni Pettinato, professor of Sumerology at the 40

University La Sapienza in Rome: 10 the writings of the generally accepted academic scholars often coincide with the theories of the so-called 'alternative' authors. We are at a banquet of Anunnaki and Ninmah (the previously mentioned Mother Goddess) which prompts enki to create substitutes for gods so that they can free themselves from the burden of hard work and tells him that the “conformation” of human kind is in his hands. The Sumerian myth tells that gods, forced to dig and pile up earth, complained for their quality of life and blamed enki for their troubled situation. ENKI's mother, then, urges her son to intervene and help the ANUNNAKI who are working extremely hard: she clearly invites him to create a gods' substitute - a double - so that they can break free from the burden of work. She suggests that he mold some servants. Her son replies that the creature she talks about already exists and asks her to fix on it the image of gods. So, they start the experiment and we must recognize that Sumerians were wise and did not empower these their creatures with omniscience and omnipotence. They wer quite correct by documenting their failed experiments, also. The early men had, in fact, some problematic errors: one could not close his hands, which were always outstretched; one's eyes were always open and reflected light; another's feet were swollen and paralyzed; then came a man with extremely low intelligence, called “idiot”; another man could not hold back urine; a woman was incapable of bearing offspring; finally NINMAH produced an individual without genitals. It is also said a premature birth occurred with enki's seed: a hairy man was born, with a closed throat, imperfect eyes, twisted ribs, paralyzed spine; suffering heart, head and intestines, with hands unable to raise and hold anything... In short, before succeeding to produce a perfect being, the “gods” had to make quite a few attempts, and they made many mistakes. NINMAH was afraid of being expelled because of her apparent inability, while Enki comforts and 41

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