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eassures her. Finally,

eassures her. Finally, the work pays off and the “Goddess” introduces the new being: ADÁMA the biblical ADÁM, the LULU (the “mingled”). According to Sitchin's interpretation, the operation was meant to “purify” the male ANUNNAKI's blood in order to obtain the element that contains the essence of the individual (DNA) and implant it in the hominid that had been identified. Genesis tells us the event of man's creation, saying that, after producing water and dividing it from the earth, thus letting the land dry out, and placing plants and animals (Gen 1:26): And the Elohìm said: let us make man with image of us and in our liking But the editor of the story seems to feel the need to emphasize something that the reader must absolutely understand: there must be no doubt whatsoever because certainly this is an extraordinary event, and soon you'll understand why. In the next verse (1:27), indeed, it seems he wants to make it clear: 42

And the Elohìm made man with his image. With image of Elohìm he made. [He] made them male and female In short, the author wants to tell us that the Elohìm (Semitic plural term for the “lords from above”) made man by using their “tselèm” ( ). But what is tselèm ( )? And was this particular so important to point it out twice? Before seeing the deeper meaning of this Semitic root, we note that the Bible tells us how the Elohìms took this decision and said “let's do”, using a Hebrew verbal form that is called “cohortative mood”: a form that contains the value of an exhortation, an invitation to do, a solicitation. In this “cohortative mood” we can see a kind of summary of several discussions, hypothesis and suggestions that Enki must have given to his team in order to find a solution to the problems we have listed in the previous chapter. Thus, using the “coortative mood” Genesis says: «Come on, let's work, let's 43

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