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And the Elohìm called

And the Elohìm called Yahweh made fall a deep sleep on the adàm and he slept and took one of his ribs and then closed his flesh So, this Elohìm who was known as Yahweh needs ADÁM to be sleeping in order to operate, perform a surgery on him, some form of manipulation that must have been so painful as to require the subject to sleep a “deep sleep”. All this seems to be describing an ordinary anesthetic that allows cells' collection (?) from what is usually translated as “ribs” but that might have been something different. The term “tselà” ( ) also means “side” and with that precise meaning it is used in various passages of the Old Testament: there are sides of the Temple, sides of closets, sides of altars, etc. Today, hematopoietic stem cells collection is done in modern laboratories from the side of the iliac bones: a surgery performed under anesthesia, because it is very painful. The cells are then used for transplantations in the treatment of particular diseases. Stem cells can also be appropriately addressed to various scales of development. So, the Elohìm could have taken some cells from the side of a male ADÁM's body in order to clone or mold a female ADÁM. Recall that the word ADÁM is often written with the article (Ha-Adám, “the Adám”), indicating that this is not a proper name, but a generic one; it indicates a type of living creatures, those on ADÁMÁ, the Earth: therefore the “Earthly” ones. The “earthly” one was also identified with an evident somatic aspect: indeed, these creatures were defined as having “black heads” 14 , a characteristic that clearly distinguished them from their “creators”. It would have made no sense to emphasize this feature if it had not been a clear distinctive sign from the 48

individuals who did not have black heads. And the term given to the new creature KHAWWÁH the “living one”, the “mother of the living ones”, just like the Anunnaki “Goddess” who produced the new species: Homo sapiens. In Genesis (3:20) we read: And Adàm called his wife's name Eve because she was the mother of all living Indeed, according to official science, it is obvious there must have been a mother of all men, because the mitochondria, a key component of our cells, can only be transmitted by the female egg, since they are too large to be contained in the male spermatozoa. So inevitably, the first female ancestor who gave the start to the development of the human species is not surprisingly called by many geneticists “mitochondrial Eve”. According to their researches, the appearance of this first mother of mankind dates back to 300-250 thousand BCE: a date that coincides with Sitchin's reconstruction! 49

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