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On their side,

On their side, paleoanthropologists tell us that Homo erectus, with an evolutionarily inexplicable rapidity, developed into Homo sapiens. All other members of our closest relatives have had much longer evolutionary timing: chimpanzees were almost the same for about 5 million years; Homo erectus scarcely changed in about 1.3 million years and then disappeared and became Homo sapiens, whose cranial capacity rapidly increased by 50%! A brief “criticism”... All these events find an explanation in this particular interpretation of the Sumerian myth and biblical Genesis. Like it or not, convenient or inconvenient as it may be, the Sumerians and the Old Testament seem to be closely aligned. The Bible tells the same story recast in the light of a familiar monotheistic vision that would have developed only in later centuries. Of the original story they maintained the plurality of the Elohìm and the concrete matter used by these “gods” to create man “with” their image and resemblance. The spiritual God, transcendent and unique, then, did not belong to the experience of the biblical authors who have told us a very concrete story, using the cultural means they had at that time. And no Church has the right to distort the history in order to build a consciousness controlling system based on perspectives that are distant from those texts defined as sacred that, instead, have been purposely reinterpreted by the ruling power. Not surprisingly, a personal reading of such texts has been discouraged for centuries when not explicitly forbidden. 50

Picture 4 Representation of the seal with a male deity, a female one, a tree with sevenbranches, the snake behind the goddess: the biblical EDEN? 10 See the Bibliography. 11 See Appendix 2, pag. 203. 12 The indications for reading this and following tables are given on page XIV. 13 See the Bibliography. 14 See the Poem of Lugalbanda and Hurrum (ref. G. Pettinato - Bibliography). 51

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