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3 (Rephaìms,

3 (Rephaìms, Nephilìms, Anaqìms) The Giants? When we told the story of the ADÁMS ( ) we also said that, at some point of the cohabitation with the ANUNNAKI, the latter developed a liking for earthly females, which they found pleasant and desirable. We are now entering an issue that has always stirred confusion in the official commentators, a topic that traditional religion tends to forget or to interpret in allegorical and metaphorical sense. We understand that for the supporters of a religion that considers this matter “sinful” (especially with sex!), it is not easy to accept the real meaning of what Genesis says in chapter 6. After the creation of ADÁM and KHAWWÁH, Genesis tells us the story of the expulsion from Eden (EDEN, EDIN, “home of the righteous, home of the guardians”) and introduces the rich and detailed genealogy of the first couple's descendants, starting from Seth generated after Abel's death and the banishment of Cain: Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, Noah ... and then the Flood. It is said that also Seth was generated by ADÁM “with his image and resemblance”: might this be a way to suggest that also this child has been obtained through an extraordinary operation? The text does not specify this, but says that after having had more sons and daughters, ADÁM dies at the age of 930 years! 52

However, this age should not be a surprise, according to our theory that he was a direct product of the graft of genetic material from the ANUNNAKI/ELOHÌMS, we can assume that in him - as in all subsequent antediluvian patriarchs - there was also the feature of longevity handed down by his creators. It must be said that the Elohìms discussed this matter and then decided to shorten Adàm's age. The Revised Standard Version (cf. Gen 6:3) shows the divinity's decision, which says: “My spirit shall not strive forever with man, he being flesh; his time will be 120 years”. Later on (Gen 6:1-8) it is said that ADÁM (the earthly) started breeding on the Earth's surface and that of course also had some daughters. Most of the ANUNNAKI who had landed on this planet to work were likely to be males, while the females of that species were scarce. It is not difficult to imagine that the natural needs and, maybe, even the desire to give a new stability to their life, which was now entirely spent on this planet, should have aroused the attention of these individuals towards the new female creatures. It must have been so, and indeed - likely happened quite naturally! - the editors of Genesis tell us (6:2): 53

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