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“secrets of the

“secrets of the beginning of time”. They started to have sexual intercourse generating giants, who consumed human produce. Warned of what was going on, the Almighty decides to destroy mankind with a flood but warns the “son of Lamech” to seek for a shelter along with his descendants in order to guarantee the recovery of life on Earth. It seems interesting to note that the Lord of the Empire says that the Earth has been devastated due to secrets and mysteries that “Vigilantes” had passed on to their children. The term “vigilantes” recalls both Neteru (the Egyptian “guardians” of the beginning of time) and the term Sumer meaning “guardians' land”... At this point the Genesis' editor interrupts the narrations' main flow to include a kind of annotation, a sort of time contextualization - almost a reminder for those who were aware of the events - and with a very colloquial expression (verse 4) says: 56

The Nephilìms were on earth in those days and even so, after that, the Elohìms' children had entered the Adàm's daughters and had given birth to their [Elohìms'] strong [sons] (valiant, heroes) that since ever [were] men of name (famous) The text presents a lack of clarity with which the editor describes this passage. Basically, there is no absolute certainty as to whether the Nephilìm were the product of these unions or they existed independently: evidently, the reader of the period had no doubts of sort, the narrated events and the timing of reference must have been clear in themselves. It then was a mere reference to something known and thus did not require further explanation. The record is even more challenging if one considers that the problem does not concern only the timing – were they already there or were they the product of the unions? – but also the very meaning of the word “Nephilìm“. The Book of Jiubilees, 16 belonging to the extra-Biblical Jewish literature, expressly says (5.1) that the Nephilìm were the children of these unions. 57

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