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Pakistan, Java, Tibet,

Pakistan, Java, Tibet, South Africa, South-eastern Australia; North, Central and South America, California, the Aleutian Islands, Morocco , the Caucasus, Glozel (France), Lucerne (Switzerland), Ireland, and England. Some archaeological finds recall the size of Goliath's weapons: in Morocco they actually found some tools suitable only for individuals at least 13 feet tall; in China they have unearthed 500 double-feathered axes weighing over 17 pounds each! Even the historian Herodotus in his Histories (1-68), tells of a discovery of a giant about 10.2 feet tall. 22 From these many sources from all over the world, here exists for the free thinker, free from prejudice, proof of the real existence of an ancient race of giants... 70

Picture 5 who has built these giant monoliths located in the templar centre of Baalbek(Lebanon)? 15 See Appendix 2, pag. 203. 16 See Appendix 2, pag. 203. 17 See Appendix 2, pag. 203. 18 See the Bibliography. 19 See Appendix 2, pag. 203. 20 See Appendix 2, pag. 203. 21 See Appendix 2, pag. 203. 22 In order to find evidence regarding this matter, it is enough to travel on Internet and YouTube: there are hundreds of sites available with these entries 71

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