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And they answered to the

And they answered to the angel of Yahweh, the one standing in between the myrtles. In the second chapter, the situation becomes more “dynamic”, and Zechariah says (2.7): 76

And here is the angel speaking with me is coming out and another angel is coming out to meet him This second messenger orders the former to give the young prophet information concerning Jerusalem. But the way he invites him to do so is definitely not that “spiritual”; indeed, the order is: Run, talk to the young man In this brief passage we notice once again the obvious need for the narrator to give a precise description of place and situation: a deep valley, a field of myrtle, this malàkh standing among the bushes, from where he later comes out, and a second malàkh that does the same to meet the former and invites him to “run” and talk to the young man. Thus, unavoidable questions arise: If it was not a description of a real scene, why did the narrator repeatedly stress the fact that the malàkh was “amidst/in-between/within” bushes of myrtle? Why did he have to make the two malakhìms move to allow them to talk to him? Why on earth should a spirit tell another to “run” to talk to someone? It is difficult to ignore the concreteness of the protagonists' actions, whose physical location and movements in the scene are hardly likely to be spiritually interpreted: a spirituality that certainly did not belong to the author of the text. 77

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