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Lot insists and they

Lot insists and they join him and enter his house; he bakes unleavened bread, and they eat (19.3). This is a really strange behavior for these “spiritual beings” who have discussions, consume the evening meal (they had already ate lunch with Abraham, too) then consider several opportunities, and finally decide where to spend the night. The story continues: as the angels bed down for the night, a frenzied crowd encircles Lot's home and calls for the two guests, and demands that Lot hand them over in order to abuse them (by the way: can you even think to abuse pure spirits?). Lot refuses and offers in return his two virgin daughters! But the people of Sodom do not listen to reason and try to break down the door to get hold of the angels. The unfortunate malakhìm realizes the risky situation, so they take Lot, drags him into the house and gets rid of the attackers with a very strange action (19:11): They were struck with the sudden blindness. And they struck “young and old”, that is, everyone! And, as the story continues, those men: and they got tired to look for the door In short, with some system that is not better described, the two malakhìms 82

dazzle the people in the crowd who are then unable to see, and are forced to give up trying to break through the door. The two then urge Lot to take his family away from the city, stating that they are about to destroy Sodom. The night is over and at dawn, the two malakhìms once more invite Lot to flee with his family, because they can no longer wait; the devastation is imminent. The two messengers of the Lord - who we remember stopped at Abraham's to explain to him the reasons why they had decided to destroy this city - knowing that time is running out (Gen 18:22-32): tell Lot that the decision has been taken and must be accomplished with no more delay. Then follow the events everyone knows: they flee, the destruction of cities occurs with “burning sulfur by-from Yahweh out of the heavens” (19:24), and Lot's wife becomes a pillar of salt after having violated the order not to stop and look back, etc. So this is the real story of those events that official religion traditionally interprets as involving “spiritual” beings... So many incongruities, so many difficulties, so many small daily actions supposedly meaningless to individuals without a body! Actually, these “angels” walk, get tired and need rest, get dusty and are happy to wash themselves, eat even twice in one day, decide where to spend the night and defend against an aggression by using apparently “technological” means. These angels/malakhìms recall the descriptions of the anunnaki/elohìms: Individuals whose difference from men are evident, who are provided with superior powers but not omnipotent, who are often vulnerable, attackable and, above all, subject to the normal daily physiological needs! Tobit and the “wage earning” Angel In this partial list of stories about the angels/malakhìms, we have decided to include the Book of Tobit, because it is the least known of the Old Testament. This text is part of the Christian Bible (the Septuagint and Latin Vulgate), but has not been accepted by the Hebrew canon and is considered apocryphal by 83

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