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And the messenger of

And the messenger of Yahweh was at the yard of Araunàh the Jebusite. Suddenly, then, a story that could be read as a symbolic representation becomes concrete, and precisely located in a common, unremarkable place, devoid of any value: the angel is in a barnyard! We also know that this yard is located on Mount Moriah, overlooking the ancient Jebusite settlement, which would later develop and become the city of Jerusalem, the capital of the kingdom of David. Indeed, the story continues saying that David “saw” the malàkh in the act of hitting the people and asked “god” to spare him, since it (he) was not to blame for the census: he and his family, in fact, were the responsible ones. Thus, the king of Israel receives the order to erect an altar right in that barnyard! And the historicity of the story goes on to describe David ascending Mount Moriah accompanied by courtiers; Araunàh, the land owner, “leans over” (24:20), sees and joins the parade. David buys the land and the animals for 50 silver shekels, and builds the altar as he had been ordered. And the scourge ceases... The story is also narrated in the first book of Chronicles, that even adds some details (1Chr 21:7 et seq.): The malàkh stood by the barnyard of Araunàh the Jebusite; David “looks up” and sees him standing “between earth and sky”; when David goes to Araunàh, he was “threshing the wheat” and sees him and the malàkh; Araunàh's children, terrified, hide while the farmer approaches David. The last verse of Chapter 21 also affirms that after these events, David wanted to consult Yahweh in his home on the hill of Gabaon, but did not dare go there because he was still terrified by the sight of the malàkh! 88

Brief and “concrete” conclusion So we find real, tangible, concrete descriptions, not only within the detailed scene narrative, but also in the contextualization of the events' periods, in the geographical and space location, and also within the description of the psychological aftermaths which persisted through time. Once again we find that MALAKHÌMS and ANUNNAKIS are definitely similar! 89

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