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How to convert photos to canvas How to create a Scandi look with canvas prints

How to convert photos to

How To Create Canvas Prints The humorous side (and dangers) of photography addiction When you think which photos should you convert to canvas and decorate your home, it’s good to browse some good examples available here. There used to be a time (not so many moons ago!) where taking pictures was a luxury afforded to few. Cameras required you to put a film into the device, with around 30 photos per roll. You then had to demand your family all posed perfectly, because you only had one shot. Every moment was captured thoughtfully and carefully to make the best use of the film. You're probably thinking back now to your own memories of these (shall we say 'historic'?) devices. I mean, they're almost worthy of museum space (although film is very much coming back in 'vogue'). Once the day was over, you still didn't know what you'd caught. The anticipation was rife, but you had to visit the photography shop to get the photos printed. This took several days. Only then, once you'd collected them, would you know if everyone had been smiling, or if the flash worked, or if you had managed to superimpose a ghost, or a thumb, into a picture. Although it was easy to be enthralled by how it all worked, it was pretty hard to be an addict. Those who always had a disposable camera in hand at family parties may have felt like they were a huge photography lover, but it was pretty impossible for them to get the same 'hit' that we now all recognise. They didn't have the ability to focus their lens in the way we can now, or review their images as it happened. They couldn't quickly edit their images after the event, or click their shutter multiple times in a matter of seconds to get the exact movement desired.

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