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8 BANGKOKʼS FREE NEWSPAPER Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018 NEWS HIGHLIGH TS! Bangkok Biz-Tech OIL & GOLD BRENT CRUDE $68.22 GOLD $1,343.62 TOURIST RATES AUSTRALIA.............25.35 CANADA................25.50 CHINA.......................4.98 INDIA.....................2.03 JAPAN....................3.47 RUSSIA................0.56 S.KOREA.............34.06 MALAYSIA............8.03 N.ZEALAND...........23.16 SINGAPORE..........23.93 $ 31.34 39.00 £ 44.49 PRICES MEASURED AGAINST THAI BAHT ON JAN 25 BMW Group has new Thai annual sales record STOCK INDEXES THAI SET INDEX 1,828.30 DOW JONES I.A. 26,076.89 NASDAQ 7,402.48 FTSE 100 7,587.98 BIZ BITES A Rolls-Royce, BMW, Mini and BMW Motorbike line-up. These prestigious brands make up BMW Group's range BMW Group Thailand has revealed they set a historic sales record that takes into account the period from January through to December 2017. In that time, they delivered 11,030 BMW and Minis to their customers, which represents a 39% increase, year-on-year. It was the first-ever five-digit sales figure, in the history of the company. 2017 is therefore their most successful 12-months to date for the three business units within BMW Group Thailand – BMW Thailand was exceptionally strong, with the highest growth rate across the global BMW network at 43% year-on-year, the company said in a Thursday press release. BMW in terms of global sales keeps their #1 position as the leading premium auto brand, having reached another annual sales record in 2017, selling in total 2,463,526 vehicles. It was the seventh year in a row that they have achieved this. This figure was made up of 2,088,283 BMWs, which was up by 4.2% for the year, and 371,881 minis, an increase of 3.2% annually. Stefan Teuchert, President of BMW Group Thailand, said “For 2017 the group has once again achieved our targets across the three brands, of BMW, Mini and BMW Motorrad. In addition to the highest growth rate globally for BMW in Thailand, we also saw remarkable success with plug-in hybrid vehicle sales rising by 269 per cent year-on-year, a trend that we expect to continue in the foreseeable future, thanks to consistently increasing demand." BMW are also Rolls-Royce's owner. Intel stock rose by more than 5.5% after the company released betterthan-expected earnings for the fourth quarter of 2017 on Thursday. After the company's earnings call, the stock was around 3.5% higher than the closing price of $45.30 per share. Total revenue for the quarter had gone up by 4%, year-on-year. HEADLINES US dollar has a rally after plunging to a 3-year low The dollar reversed its losses and went positive Thursday, after President Donald Trump said the greenback shall strengthen, due to the growing of U.S. economy, and that his Treasury secretary's comments favoring a weak dollar were taken out of context. Trump commented Thursday, after the dollar declined about 2% in two days to a three-year low. It fell sharply after Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said a weak dollar is positive for trade, in remarks at the World Economic Forum. Xiaomi leapfrogs Apple and Samsung in India Samsung Electronics sold the most smartphones in India for six years. The tech giant was pushed out of the pole position in the final quarter of 2017 - by Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, two research outlets have revealed. Researcher Canalys estimated Xiaomi shipped almost 8.2 million smartphones in India between October and December of last year, giving it about 27 percent of the market share. Meanwhile, Samsung shipped about 7.3 million smartphones in the same time and captured 25 percent of the market, Canalys said. "The Samsung loss is from its inability to transform its low-cost product portfolio," Rushabh Doshi, an analyst at the research firm, said in a report. He added that the South Korean tech giant was struggling to win over costconscious buyers, in the low-end segment of the Indian smartphone market. "Despite its ability to offer better margins and funding to the offline channel, consumer demand for Samsung's devices has been weak," Doshi said. He predicts the power struggle between Samsung and Xiaomi to continue into 2018, as the South Korean giant fights over taking back the "aspirational status it once held in the mind of Indian buyers." Market researcher Counterpoint Research also report that Xiaomi conquered 25 percent of the market in the fourth quarter, while Samsung had just 23 percent. Meanwhile, Lenovo, Vivo and Oppo took 6 percent each, the firm also said. Shall 2018 play out the same? FCBARCELONA OFFICIAL PARTNER WWW.IRONFX.COM

Spotlight NEWS HIGHLIGHTS! Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018 BANGKOKʼS FREE NEWSPAPER 9 Brasserie 9 excites foodies in Bangkok > A chance to enjoy a real French cuisine gourmet experience Brasserie 9 has been in existence for some years, building their sterling reputation at the former premises, at Asiatique The Riverfront, Charoen Krung Road. With consistenly good reviews, and a marvellous concept from the owners Bangkok Air Catering, they agreed on the decision that a change of location, made recently, would help to make the restaurant much more accessible to their loyal customers, many of whom live in or around Bangkok's Central Business District, namely in Silom and Sathorn. The opportunity arose to take over a magnificent building on Soi Piphat in Silom last year, which until then had been the home of Anna and Son restaurant. This proved to be too good an opportunity to let pass regardless of some temporary inconvenience of having to make the move. And what an inspired decision that has been: for the new Brasserie 9 in the masterfully-refurbished mansion which dates back to Siam's memorable Rama V era, is certainly one of the finest dining locations of any genre, in all of the Thai capital. Specifically, when one considers only the French gastronomy choices in the city, then they are in a different league to their competitors. Young Chef Patron Kenny Karlsson, formerly the Chef de Cuisine at Sofitel So, is heading their team of outstanding culinary talents. The efforts of Brasserie 9 focus firmly on French comfort cuisine: indeed, their menu features a large number of popular dishes, which will please fans of one of the world's most loved nations, for all things food-related. For the classically-trained Karlsson, he has largely stuck to a back-to-basics approach, whilst making the point of giving some appealing revisions to one or two of the favorites. One of the most delicious items to sample can be seen in the image to the bottom left of this page: Entrecôte-grilled wagyu steak, accompanied with assorted vegetable and a sauce of your choice (a Café de Paris butter, or spicy pepper, or a béarnaise sauce) is certainly a real highlight of the innovative menu. The steak is out of this world, and comes cooked precisely to your exact requirement. One of the nice things about this restaurant is that the prices are not so high, considering the level of quality that is going > "Sample the top selection of desserts, which French gastronomy has long been noted for" into everything that the kitchen produces, and to consistently keep very high service standards, in a city, Bangkok, which notoriously underwhelms in that department. For a dish coming close to perfection, B1350 was extremely reasonable. An undoubted highlight of their menu was the top selection of desserts to sample - which French gastronomy has long been noted for. An item in high-demand during our meal at Brasserie 9 by many of the patrons was “The Last Dance” - a chocolate fondant, that comes with homemade vanilla ice cream and a fabulous chocolate Eiffle Tower. As you are able to see from our picture to the bottom right of this page, it looks every bit as impressive as it tastes. The chocolate oozes from the fondant, and is truly delicious, as is the milk chocolate that the Eiffel Tower features. A fresh, wholesome taste lingers in one's mouth from the vanilla ice cream, and for such a well-sized plate of incredible treats, B300 would appear to be an absolute bargain. Before or after dining, you also have the opportunity to relax in the elegant bar. They have an excellent variety of wines to appeal to all afficionados, and some top champagnes. Another lovely touch which has been very wellexecuted is the construction of an aesthetically pleasing cigar and smoking room: it instantly gives on a feeling of traditional luxury. The cigar room has incorporated a traditional cigar locker, certain to enhance the experience of patrons. It is this attention to detail that makes Brasserie 9 stand out from the crowd: at a time when French food fans have a lot of options in the Thai capital, this magnificent restaurant which has enjoyed success for a long time, has made the most of their plush new home and are working wonders. For further information on Brasserie 9, you can visit their website, which is regularly updated at:, or search for their FB page. For any enquiries you wish to make by telephone, including bookings, then their phone number is: 02-234-2588.

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