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Sea Angler - March Digital Sampler

5 End FOR as long as I

5 End FOR as long as I can remember, the last few weeks of a river season have offered me the opportunity to record some of my most memorable catches. Temperatures and river levels always seem to be spot on as the season draws to a close and all species are normally on the feed! I always try to keep the last few weeks of the season relatively free of too much work so that I can take advantage of the conditions! Here are some tips and tactics to help you to put more fish on the bank before the curtain goes down on another season at midnight on March 14th… TOP SPECIES TO TARGET BEFORE THE CLOSE SEASON your river season on a high with these top tips from running-water ace Dave Harrell 1 54 • IYCF Issue 334

ROACH I love fishing for roach at any time of the season but they can be a frustrating species to target on some days because if the conditions aren’t quite right, you won’t catch many! Water temperature and colour is the key to everything and I’ve lost count of the number of times that I have caught big bags of redfins from the Severn at the end of February and into March. For a big bag of roach, I don’t think you can beat using float gear and maggots. Find yourself a swim with 6ft to 8ft of water and cover on the inside in the form of overhanging trees and it’s a fair bet there will be roach present! If the flow is slow use a shouldered top No.1 Heavy Base stick float with strung out shot and dot the tip of the float well down so that there is no resistance. In faster flow always use a dome top No.2 Heavy Base stick float. This thicker top will enable you to see the float much further down the swim. With both rigs, I use 3lb (0.14mm) or 4lb (0.16mm) Pro Float reel line, a great floating line to help you achieve perfect presentation. The rigs are completed with either a size 18 or 16 medium wire hook tied to 30cm of 0.10mm (2.8lb) or 0.12mm (4.2lb) Pro Rig line. Two to three pints of maggots will be ample for a full day. Feed little and often and keep the maggots going in, even if it’s just a few every cast. This is the best way to attract fish into the swim, especially on days when the water is fairly clear, as they will see the bait from a long way off. These floats are ideal for targeting roach 2 CHUB As the water temperatures rise and the colour drops out of rivers, it’s much easier to catch big bags of chub with float gear. The best swims are between 4ft and 6ft deep with a fair amount of pace and ideally running down to a feature of some sort. This could be overhanging trees, a tree stuck in the river or maybe a ford where the river shallows up. All these features are havens for chub so find a swim with them in and chances are you will be on for a red-letter day! Mainlines should be fairly robust and I use 4lb (0.16mm) or 5lb (0.18mm) in conjunction with hooklengths of 0.12mm (4.2lb) and 0.14mm (5.3lb). Look for swims with features when targeting chub The best floats for these sorts of swims are my No.1 and No.2 Truncheon waggler designs. Shot these with most of the weight locking the float on to the line. With the No.1 Truncheon, fix a No.6 shot for every 2ft of depth. For the No.2, use a No.4 shot in the same way. A 6ft deep swim would therefore require only three shots down the line. Maggots are my number one choice in these situations and I’d take at least three to four pints for a day session. You’ll need 3-4 pints of maggots for serious go at chub IYCF February 13 – March 13, 2018 • 55

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