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Sea Angler - March Digital Sampler

Fresh tactics for new

Fresh tactics for new F1s Long-established residents are cunning and hard to catch, but when new fish come in straight from the farm they’ll take pellets with relish, says Jamie Hughes Words & Photography Tony Grigorjevs 42 • IYCF Issue 334

TACTICS N O OTHER species causes such widespread division as the F1 hybrid. It’s frowned upon by the purists and those that have a passion for natural waters, yet seen as the saviour of fishing by commercial enthusiasts, whether owners or anglers! Those that criticise them will often refer to the species as ‘dumb fish’ that are ‘easy to catch’. Anyone who targets F1s on a regular basis knows full well that this condemnation is well wide of the truth. They are one of the trickiest fish in stillwaters to catch, developing a cunning ability to spot a hookbait that is behaving unnaturally. Get your tactics wrong and you might catch the odd fish, but you won’t stand a chance of putting together the type of hauls that the top match anglers record each week. But there is an exception to the rule, when F1s are indeed ‘dumb fish’. Newly-stocked fish that have come straight from a fish farm act in a completely different manner to their more established brothers and sisters, and reigning Fish O’Mania champion, Jamie Hughes, knows full well that a rethink is necessary to catch large numbers of them. The Bag’em Matchbaits and MAP-backed angler regularly visits waters with a big head of the species and has two separate approaches – one for big F1s that have been in the lake for several years and a second for fish that have just been stocked. “We are at a time of year when thousands of small F1s will be stocked, and you can put some really big weights together if you fish in the right way,” explained Jamie. TACTICS: POLE SPECIES: F1s DIFFICULTY: IYCF February 13 – March 13, 2018 • 43

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