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Sea Angler - March Digital Sampler

CONTENTS Issue 334

CONTENTS Issue 334 February 13 – March 13, 2018 14 Dai Gribble urges you to go roving on commercials for better catches GREAT BRITISH FISHING 8 Fishing the tiny River Gade – Simon Wilsmore 14 Go roving on winter commercials – Dai Gribble TACTICS 24 Twin attack for river perch – Mark Perkins 30 Get on the cone for winter carp action – Robbie Taylor 34 Picking the right lure is vital – Andy Loble 39 Ready, steady... bite! – Craig Goldstraw 42 Fresh tactics for new F1s – Jamie Hughes 46 One rig + one bait = a netful of roach – Pemb Wrighting 51 Keep a hot peg on the boil – Scott Puddy 54 End the river season on a high – Dave Harrell 60 Fish better with Des Shipp 64 Rig school: pike leger rig CARP TACTICS 98 Everything you need to know about running rigs 102 Boilie types explained 104 4 ways with shrink tube TACKLE 80 Shakespeare Agility 2 rods 82 New gear 84 Live test: Maver MVR pole 87 Sonik Magna lure rods 88 Buyers’ guide to... hooklength storage 4 • IYCF Issue 334

24 Mark Perkins has devised two clever rigs for running water perch, which makes use of the way stripeys like to feed to plot their downfall YOUR IYCF HAVE YOU TRIED OUR DIGITAL EDITION? You can now read all your favourite articles in our digital edition, available on iPad and Android! Prices from £2.99 20 Subscribe and save 51% 94 Your letters 96 Mission: your catch shots 108 Crossword: win Korum Lure Bags 110 Bob Roberts’ diary 46 If you want a netful of roach, Pemb Wrighting says there’s only one bait and rig you need new series 51 Drawing a flyer doesn’t mean you’ll bag up. Scott Puddy reveals why precise loosefeeding is key 60 England International Des Shipp helps you brush up on essential skills such as casting 98 Running rigs may have fallen out of fashion but here’s why and when you should use them IYCF February 13 – March 13, 2018 • 5

Martin - Float fishing and spinning in the Nottingham
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