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Sea Angler - March Digital Sampler


GUIDE TO... TOP TACKLE ADVICE TO ENSURE YOU BUY THE RIGHT GEAR HOOKLINK STORAGE Each month our team of experts at IYCF HQ take a look at some of the best tackle items on the market. This month: hooklength storage WHETHER you like to tie your rigs in advance or prefer the convenience of ready-made hooklengths, keeping them organised and stored neatly will help you fish more efficiently. There are few things more frustrating than being sat on a shoal of feeding fish only to have to waste time with your rod out of the water while you tie a new rig or scrabble around trying to find a fresh hooklength. But with the number of rig wallets and hooklength boxes available there really is no excuse to find yourself in such a situation. Whether you need to store short Method feeder hooklinks or long zig rigs, there are now hooklength boxes available to suit. Some comprise lengths of foam which you can simply pin your rigs into, where others have pegs at set distances for tying rigs at precise lengths. The foam disc-style systems have become popular for storing zig and floater hooklengths. This month we’ve rounded up 17 of the best hooklength storage systems on the market, catering for carp, match and pleasure anglers... BUYERS GUIDE NEXT MONTH: DAY SESSION CHAIRS AVID ZIG BOX RRP: £14.99 This compact box comes with eight zig spools that can each hold at least two pre-tied zig rigs. The spools boast specifically designed sliders that enable you to easily store zigs of all lengths. There is a 12in ruler on the outside of the box for measuring rigs. It is also supplied with 32 spare spool stickers so you can accurately label your rigs with breaking strain and hook size etc. MATRIX HLR RIG CASE RRP: £10.99 Don’t be fooled by the compact design – it can hold more than 200 hooklengths. The loop prongs, which feel nice and sturdy, are between 4in and 6in making it ideal for housing Method feeder hooklinks. Magnetic locking is secure and a rubber seal prevents moisture ingress. Supplied with 30 rig ID labels. A Large version (£14.99) for storing 4in-12in rigs is also available. 88 • IYCF Issue 334

PRESTON INNOVATIONS MAG STORE SYSTEM RRP: From £14.99 The unique Mag Store System uses small magnets to locate each individual Rig Stick in the box. This versatile design enables you to swap and change their location and add new Rig Sticks that you have tied different hooklengths to. Available in three sizes to accomodate hooklengths of 4in-15in. All the boxes boast a weatherproof rubber gasket, dual identification points and ribbed Rig Sticks for increased hooklength stability. TACKLE MAVER SUPER SEAL EVA RIG CASE RRP: £16.99 A recent addition to Maver’s extensive Super Seal EVA range, this rig case is made from tough, durable EVA material. Featuring heatwelded seams, the case is 100% waterproof. It has a transparent two-way zip top lid with a carry handle. It comes with 15 foam rig winders but no pins. SONIK SK-TEK RIG & BITS WALLET RRP: £22.99 The Rig & Bits Wallet is part of Sonik’s new extensive SK-TEK luggage range. As well as the double rig boards with stiffened side plates to help keep rigs taught, it also boasts two internal pockets with mesh pouches for storing essential items of terminal tackle and making them easy to locate. The tough outer skin is constructed from an HD 600D PVCbacked SK-TEK camo material. IYCF February 13 – March 13, 2018 • 89

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