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MJ Smith Interior Design Portfolio


GROUND FLOOR Ground floor content: • Food products • Kitchen Items THE CONRAN SHOP – PROPOSED DESIGN The Ground Floor will be bright and vibrant with white walls and surfaces. The inspiration below is a Selfridges window display and Charlies Department store in NY. Items will be organised by colour blocking. Hanging planters, plant pots and vases of flowers will be placed on the display tables to integrate nature within the shop. A complimentary coffee will be available for customers spending over £30. A coffee can also be purchased. Takeway cups are available. INITIAL SKETCH RECLAIMED BEAM OAK PLANKS Reclaimed Flooring Co • Gifts and Decorative Accessories • Posters & Frames • Books • Coffee Machine and Seating Area • Plants • Customer Toilet GROUND FLOOR RENDERED VISUAL

GROUND FLOOR PLAN DESIGN PROCESS The overall impression of the brand from visiting the Conran Chelsea store was clean lines, block colours and a mid modernist style. Display areas were also a key feature. The aim for the visuals was to reflect the brand and the direction chosen was to create a hand drawn, sketchy style. The sections were used as a main visual so many elements were drawn in Autocad then rendered in Photoshop. A basic Revit model with a walk-through was created. A Sketchup model also made and visuals taken from the model were rendered using the Dennis Technique, creating a watercolour image with sketched line detailing. Not to Scale These visuals allow the colour blocking and clean lines within the design to standout. WINDOW DISPLAY AREA FOOD PRODUCTS KITCHEN ITEMS BOOKS DECORATIVE ITEMS & GIFTS DISPLAY TABLE COFFEE AREA SECTION AA Not to Scale