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THE CONTEXT MARKET RESEARCH THE BIGGINS PROPOSED RENOVATION The ‘Biggins’ is Grade II listed building on Bramham Estate, Wetherby which was built in 1698. The Bramham Estate is famous for having one of the largest examples of formal gardens in the UK. Currently the Biggins is empty and used as a filming location, but in order to ensure its preservation, a new use for the premises needs to be found. THE CONCEPT The UK is currently experiencing a considerable shortage in new housing and produces some of the smallest houses in Europe. The Biggins concept is to create a flat complex which enhances the historical elements of the building while providing the ideal requirements for living spaces such as lots of natural light and good storage facilities. Additional factors such as interacting with neighbours and access to green space have also been identified as factors which create happy communities. These factors are also proven to be good for health and wellbeing, therefore The Biggins proposed development will have an outdoor environment which encourages the residents to spend more time outdoors. This will increase neighbour interaction, leading to a happy community. INITIAL INSPIRATION POTENTIAL RESIDENTIAL MARKETS Due to the Biggins being located close to Bramhall Village it has the advantage of quick access a significant number of amenities. MARKET A – THE YOUNG FAMILY BRAMHAM HOUSE & FORMAL GARDENS MARKET B – THE RETIRED MARKET INITIAL PRECEDENT It is also an ideal location for commuting to Leeds, York & Harrogate so the flats could appeal to a variety of buyers. MARKET C – THE YOUNG PROFESSIONAL EXTERIOR: The formal garden style could be integrated into the design to help convey the history of the building INTERIOR: Large windows take advantage of the views of the site. Roof skylights will also help create light spaces. Integrated storage and enhanced space planning will ensure spacious flats.

GARDEN RESEARCH & INSPIRATION Studies on gardening and communal housing conclude that regular access to green spaces are good for a person’s general health and mental wellbeing and prevents isolation. The Biggins proposed site encourages its residents outdoors. Inspiration for the garden design are below. OUTDOOR DINING GREEN HOUSES OUTDOOR CHESS GARDENING PLAYHOUSE CYCLING QUIET ESCAPE & PLAY POCKET COMMUNITIES COMMUNAL HOUSING

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