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Organizing and Managing Across Culture

impact of such kind of

impact of such kind of barriers. In this regard, several practices are used by corporation expanding at global level so as to integrate workforce. On the other hand, every culture has its own business ethics, accepted behavior, decorum and set of values. In fact, facial expressions and gestures are also different for all religion owing to this people face communication barriers. For example, to shake hand it quite common in Nordic culture but the same may not be accepted in every culture. However, it might consider wrong in some situations. Apart from this, presentation style is also the fact which creates communication barriers among respondents. Here, separate group or country has different way of presentation and asking questions. For example, American like to have brisk pace whereas Latin American like speech with high emotional appeal. In this way, different communication barriers are associated with cross culture. Furthermore, it has also been identified that cultural values and language have direct impact on intercultural communication in multinational organization. This is because Japanese tends to focus on flexible culture whereas Nordic culture wants to strong organizational culture. However, Nordic culture believes that management must have rules and regulation with regards to culture by which employees do not face problems when they come across global. For this purpose, cross culture is maintained effectively to enhance the level of satisfaction among employees and motivate them to work with integrity. However, cultural differences are invited in every organization where conflict easily takes place. The reason behind the same is Toll Free No. +44 203 8681 670 Assignment desk provides assignment help from professional UK writers.

that employees do not find favorable working condition and work satisfaction. Owing to this, companies suffer from issues like low productivity, high employee turnover and customer dissatisfaction. Thus, it is very important for corporation to assess the barriers related to values and languages of employees and accordingly diversity is needed to be maintained. This in turn issues faced by firm can be minimized to a great extent. This barrier has a intense negative impact on the organization's working because the employees of the organization will not understand the exact meaning of the languages and thus management style will also be not fitted in the Japanese culture. This will be highly difficult for the Nordic expatriate to manage the Japanese people in an organization. Moreover, effective performance cannot be obtained from the local Japanese people. This will impact the profitability of the company and competitive edge could not be created in a Japanese region as well. The collected information depicts that corporation expanding at global level should put efforts to reduce barriers related to communication. At this juncture, language translator could be used at the initial stage. This aids to support Japanese even after adopting Nordic culture. English as common language needs to be adopted at workplace which in turn employees can work with integrity. Further, regular meeting and effective mode of communication like telephone and mail should be used on the regular basis. It will support employees to adjust with situation and cope up with changing scenario effectively. In addition to this, awareness needs to be developed Toll Free No. +44 203 8681 670 Assignment desk provides assignment help from professional UK writers.

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