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Organizing and Managing Across Culture

they are faced with the

they are faced with the issues of cultural differences. There was a huge difference in the culture of two regions. The main actor of this story are the employees and management of Nordic expatriate and Japanese employees. Moreover, management faces a biggest issue in handling this difference. However, due to this reason Hofstede have propounded this theory. In his theory, he described various dimensions through which cultural variations can be analyzed. The dimensions are power status, Individualism v/s collectivism, masculinity v/s femininity, long term v/s short term orientation, indulgence v/s restraints and Uncertainty avoidance. In this current scenario, Nordic people have the culture of individualism while in Japanese culture the more preference is given to collectivism thus, people react in an individualist manner which become tough for the company to make them work in a team. Further, the power distance is more in Japan because people are conscious about the hierarchical position in an organization. This is altogether different quality in Nordic people as they are more focused towards equal rights and being independent. Thus they, react in a negative manner and due to which conflict arises. Moreover, there is male dominance in Japanese culture whereas there is female dominance in Nordic culture. This create a greater conflicting situation in a company between male employees of Japan and female employees of Nordic expatriates. Further, Japanese are dedicated towards the avoidance of uncertainty and on the contrary, Nordic expatriates are less keen towards uncertainty avoidance. On a similar aspect, Hofstede also examined that there is a culture of long term orientation and Japanese Toll Free No. +44 203 8681 670 Assignment desk provides assignment help from professional UK writers.

culture view their life as a very short moment in a long history of humankind. Thus, it can be said that Japanese culture and Nordic culture have totally different culture and this leads to the development of conflicts. This is a sample on Organizing and Managing Across Culture, for complete Assignment writing Kindly, contact us at: Hofstede model helped a lot in identifying the cultural differences in Japanese organization with that of Nordic society. But this model have some limitations due to which clear concept cannot be viewed and due to which management could not recognize the exact situation and management of cultural difference cannot be done in a proper manner. The limitation of Hofstede model are in term of methodological weakness because use of this model is doubtful as it lays emphasis of national culture. The study was done on specific sample which cannot be representative of overall population of nation. However, in the model it was considered that population is homogeneous which is not correct in reality. Furthermore, Hofstede model states that all country has their unique culture whereas it is Toll Free No. +44 203 8681 670 Assignment desk provides assignment help from professional UK writers.

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