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Organizing and Managing Across Culture

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not real in actual scenario because of geographical context. Also, the model do not reflect the actual behavior of individual. Trompenaars Model Cultural differences can also be demonstrated with the help of Trompenaars that also serve as the achievement vs ascription. Here achievement culture depicts that how people are performing their function. Here main focus is laid on status whereas ascription culture is also status based which reflect that what and who a person is. In this regard Nordic culture is known as achievement where workforce are known for their competence. Furthermore, main emphasis is laid on colleagues so that their achievement can be counted effectively. On the other hand, in Japanese culture people are valued just because of maturity and their age. Japanese tend to possess ascription culture where they remain unhappy because of their job profile. However, job profile matters a lot as employees spend their much of time at workplace. In addition to this Japanese follow the foreign HRM strategy which is different from values and of Japanese. Here, people working in Japanese culture do not like to adjust in new situation but still they are asked to follow the Nordic based HRM program. Similarly internal orientation is high for Japanese culture where there is low external control. It is because people do not accept the sudden changes at workplace and management cannot force them to follow the new practices. At this juncture, management try to change their strategies in accordance Toll Free No. +44 203 8681 670 Assignment desk provides assignment help from professional UK writers.

with Japanese values only instead of adjusting as per Nordic based HRM programs. Furthermore, individualism vs communitarianism wherein communitaranistic culture like Japan like to work in group. They are not happy with working condition because of unfavourable working condition. Here, management also do not feel themselves liable for the working conditions. In the same way Japanese want management to take care of their family's health and safety. Furthermore, by focusing on issues of Japanese corporation introduced medical aid and saving scheme. On the other hand, individualism concept is adopted by Nordic culture. Likewise, Neutral concept is adopted in Nordic culture whereas Japanese people have high emotional culture Apart from this, Nordic culture is moderate specific and diffuse culture is high in Japan. Not only this, but Nordic culture follow sequential culture where Japanese tend to focus on synchronic aspect. The limitations of Trompennars can be considered by understanding that model takes into account behaviour aspect of people rather than value. It lays more emphasis on what people mind is holding and what is in their sight. Thus, it may be unrealistic at some point of time. Enthocentric and Polycentric Different marketing strategies such as Enthocentric, polycentric are also used to management to business in Japaneseculture. Here, the first one is ethnocentric under which staffing is done by taking competent personnel from home country. This process is done just to fill the important position of Toll Free No. +44 203 8681 670 Assignment desk provides assignment help from professional UK writers.

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