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Organizing and Managing Across Culture

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corporate by which manpower can show interest of the home office so as to align workforce of foreign offices and home headquarter. It facilitates to reduce the additional cost and remove cultural barriers that exist among group of people. In addition to this, Poly-centric approach is that corporation hire host country nationals for some of the important positions. However, this model is useful only in develop countries so that employees with high education and appropriate training can be located. It aids to generate position attitude among employees as local workforce generally has more capability to handle buyers. On the other hand, polycentric approach may not be profitable for broader aspect of corporation. Therefore, Nordic based culture was accepted by Japanese with procedures and planning so as to makes employees happy and comfortable with work environment. When the whole scenario was compared than it was found that there were many issues created due to the inter-cultural communication barrier. If there is communication gap and than the employees will not be able to work cohesively in a group or team. It is because in Japan there is a culture of collectivism and those in Nordic, individualism culture is being followed. Thus, employees hired from Japan would prefer to work in a team but the managers from Nordic will not entertain this and ultimately it will lead to the segregation of employees. Moreover, the cultural differences will also not leads to the equal distribution of rights to all the employees whereas the Japanese employees will ask for the hierarchical position in the organization because of high experience. On the contrary, Nordic employees will not Toll Free No. +44 203 8681 670 Assignment desk provides assignment help from professional UK writers.

entertain this part and it will lead to the release of conflicts among the level of management. This will also result in the deterioration of the performance of employees because effectiveness cannot be created during conflicts. Further, this will limit the growth of company as the profitability will get lower down due to the ineffective performance by the employees. All these conflicts have been aroused due to the miscommunication among the employees and management. Further, there will be stagnant growth of employees because employees would not be able to adopt the new culture in a less span of time. All these aspect have occurred due to the inter-cultural communications. If these barriers are removed than only Nordic subsidiary can survive in the markets of Japan. Furthermore, these issues will not allow the firm to create a competitive edge in the dynamic market because employees of the firm will not become effective and sue to which satisfactory product cannot be made. Thus, customers cannot be made satisfied if there is organizational conflicts based on the languages and linguistic culture. Further, it has been explained that there are several barriers to intercultural communication such as languages and their meaning are different in Nordic and Japanese culture. Further, the beliefs and values in Nordic differs from that of Japan and this create a major barrier for the the Nordic subsidiary to get establish in Japan culture in an effective manner. Thus, other kind of barriers such as misinterpretation of languages create barriers for the inter-cultural communication. Toll Free No. +44 203 8681 670 Assignment desk provides assignment help from professional UK writers.

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