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102 EVERGREEN Autumn

102 EVERGREEN Autumn (continued) The class of 1932 from Easton Road School in Bristol. Were you among them? See letter below. see films, deemed to be suitable for our age range and they were much enjoyed by one and all. Hence the Kinema held a special place in our memories, but it was not known to us as the Kinema in the Woods. It was known locally as The Flicks in the Sticks! Incidentally, with regard to your article about Chris Brasher (Autumn 2016), his wife Shirley Bloomer, as she then was, and her brother Robin were contemporaries of mine at the school. Shirley, of course, went on to great success in the British Ladies’ Tennis Team, while Robin, I understand, restricted his sporting interests to horseracing and, indeed, his betting record while still at his senior school was so successful, that a leading bookmaker offered him a job there and then! It was generally thought that, while the bookie wished to take advantage of his prowess at picking winners, their rules of employment would prevent him from placing bets with them. — TOM KING, CALNE, WILTSHIRE. SCHOOL PICTURE MADAM: I enclose a school picture (see above) taken in 1932. I am in the back row, second from the left. The school was in Easton Road, Bristol. Any names of classmates or teachers have been forgotten, but perhaps someone reading Evergreen might have been among them. All my schooling was in Bristol, the last being the Grammar School. I left England for Canada 66 years ago. — BRIAN GAHERTY, BOWMANVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA.

2017 EVERGREEN 103 Evergreen — The Gift for all Seasons You know how good Evergreen is, so why not share some of that special magic with your family and friends by arranging a gift subscription for them? It is so quick and easy to do, all from the comfort of your home. Simply telephone our subscriptions department on 0800 074 0188 (FREE from UK landlines), or +44 1382 575052 from overseas, and our friendly efficient staff will do the rest. With each issue that arrives through the post your family and friends will be reminded of your kind thought. See page 162 for further details. THE RADIO ROOM MADAM: I was excited to read “From the Editor’s Desk” (Summer 2017). Perhaps none of my fellow readers who live in the UK can imagine that getting BBC Radio when living abroad is not as simple as flipping a switch on the kitchen set or in the car. Overseas, one has to get one’s doses from the internet via the computer or other digital devices. The one exception is if one has a short-wave radio that can capture BBC Radio Four. In my case, I have a small Roberts batteryoperated radio that we brought over to France from England. Unfortunately, it was never able to pick up Radio Four, only French stations, until, four years ago, we moved to a different flat in Paris. In this flat, my bedroom is at the far end of the house, facing an interior courtyard. Mysteriously, nothing catches in this room, no internet, no telephone, no mobile. Nothing but the old Roberts in short wave: at last I could listen to all my favourite Radio Four programmes “live” like everyone else across the Channel. As nothing else works in my bedroom, we call it The Radio Room! — ANNIE-CHRISTINE MATHEWS, PARIS, FRANCE. TALENT SPOTTER MADAM: The spring Evergreen mentioned the Carroll Levis Discovery Show (“A Centenary Tribute to Vera Lynn”), which was of great interest. When I was 17 I joined a youth centre concert party. I (continued overleaf)

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